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  1. cctvmo

    Help with RS485 for PTZ camera

    Yes I did put on Pelco- D. It doesn't matter which wire from the UTP cable I insert into the RS485 port right?
  2. Hello everyone. I am installing an cctv system for the first time and now I got stuck on the rs485 part, hope you can help me out. So I have 4 PTZ 3,5" domes and one 8 ch DVR. Getting an image is easy (I just connect the BNC cable and the power cable and I get image). But getting the PTZ to work is hard for me. I tried a few cables including 2 wires from an UTP cable but none worked so I don't actually know what an RS485 cable is then. I did set the baud to 2400 (default) and the channel + address. But it didn't seem to do the job. So I am hoping you guys understand my situation and can help me out. Many thank's in advance.