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  1. bkvanbek

    Need a new NVR fo Poe cameras and others.

    Can I get some help here?
  2. My Swann NVR died due to an electrical storm. Assuming the 10 poe 1080 cameras are okay. I don't want to replace these. Don't know if there is a way to test them, without a NVR. I would like to add 3-4 cameras at the driveway gate and shed, which is 500-600 feet away. I can bury cables if I need too. What do I need to buy? I am willing to spend the money for a good system
  3. My NVR got smoked from a power surge. So I am looking to purchase a new one that can run my poe cameras and cameras 600' away. What should I get?
  4. Slowly I am starting to get it. But from what I can find CVI is coax. I don't mind getting a different NVR or is it a DVR? as long as I can use my Swann cameras. I would also like better hardware as I have not been able to watch the system remotely.
  5. I will have 120v power at the gate, where the cameras will be. Is there a device I can add at the end, for the additional power requirement?
  6. I want to locate 2-4 cameras at the driveway gate about 600' from the NVR in the house. I can trench in some underground CAT 5s in conduit to there, but what else do I need to do and get.
  7. I have a Swann NVR with 10 Swann cameras. Two cameras have been going offline then a few hours later, back on. What's up?
  8. bkvanbek

    Costco and Swann

    I bought a Swann ip system there, added two cameras. Plug and play, and could not have been easier. Focusing the vari-focus cameras was the hardest part, and that was no problem. My concern is that that when I want to expand Costco doesn't have the add on cameras.
  9. Is Costco going to quit carrying Swann? Their website only has one Swann item.
  10. Now I get it. Thank you. How about changing the clock. I am in the Central time zone, it apparently is not automatic but when I change the time (can only be done at the NVR, as far as I can tell) I hit "apply" and the time does not change.
  11. I still can't figure it out. I am using SwannViewPlus. From my computer; I pick "Camera Settings", then the little calendar "Schedule". Then there is templates with days and times, but I can't edit or find a way to use the template. From the NVR I can't find it either.
  12. I want to record all day with a couple cameras. But I can't find how, I know how to by motion detection or always on.
  13. I have a Swann system. The cameras come with a pre made Cat 5 cables and loose connectors that look like they are for wet conditions. one end locks on the female connector on the camera pigtail, but the other end won't slide over the mail cat 5 end. How do I use them? They don't look like you can put them on after the ends are put on.
  14. Can the Swann 3mp vari-focus be wall mounted indoors?
  15. Or I could get thesehttp://www.costco.com/Swann-HD-3MP-IP-Vari-Focal-Add-on-Dome-Camera.product.100089445.html but if they are like the bullet vary focus, they would be tougher to deal with, and more money