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    CCTV for my private car?

    I bought one for my customer from iLinkPro.com which was an OEM unit from Avermedia and so far my customer loves it... I know Avermedia has location in German but the their German website does not have it listed how ever US / Taiwan web site has it list so I am sure you can shoot them an email and they can recommend where you can buy that unit from. http://www.aver.com/dvr/eb1304mob.html
  2. Yes, I have noticed the samething as VST with RG59U with 18G wire I started noticing the difference going over 200ft-250ft. Far as CAT 5 baluns I wouldn't recommend or use it to carry power and even if you do use it for power then you can't go over 200-250mA on DC12 and I don't think you can use Cat 5 baluns to carry AC power... Regards... Sajaan
  3. sajaan458

    User Friendly

    Check out iEB1304Net by AVermedia they seem to be really nice and I have sold few in last few months and I am very happy with it... For most part I hate stand alone system but I am very impressed with this one. Look @ the link below for demo and hopefully it will give you some idea on how user friendly it is... http://EB1304Net.iLinkPro.com user id is: user and password is: 111111 (six once). You can view it from browser and it comes with PDA/Smart Phone software and CMS which allows you to connect 16 EB1304Net or any AVermedia PC based DVR cards. Regards, Sajaan
  4. sajaan458

    Cat 5 question

    I recommend that you use RG59U Siamese as much as possible and for really long run go with fiber if the budget permits. With Cat5 it's hard to centralize power as it's not recommended to run power over Cat5 specially more the 300mA and for long run you won't be able to run power on Cat5. Also, you will get much better quality with RG59U and less interference as it’s copper shielded. I would keep Cat5 as the last option.
  5. sajaan458

    Advice needed on a dvr

    Here is my experience with EB1304Net: I prefer PC based DVR over Stand alone how ever for low budget customer recently I have sold the Avermeida EB1304Net and it's been working great! I think iEB1304net is one of the best stand alone DVR I have seen I am impressed with the size and the quality. Once you look at it physically you can just tell that it’s build to last. So far, I have installed 8 of those kit from local company which comes with AVermedia EB1304Net, outdoor or indoor high-res Sony cameras, cables and monitor. One thing I really liked about EB1304Net is that it comes with Build-in web server and has really nice remote web GUI or you can download remote app right from the browser. If you like you can check out the demo on the link below. It also comes with Video Enhancer software, PDA/Smart Phone Software & CMS3000 which allows you to connect 16 of EB1304Net or any Avermedia PC Based DVR (you can mix). I strongly recommend that you look into EB1304net one more time... Here is the link to EB1304Net Kit I have sold in past with Demo: http://www.cctvmegastore.com/proddetail.asp?prod=i1304EB120%2D4Kit. we are getting ready sell alot of these to Home builders... Hope this information is helpful to you... Sajaan
  6. I spoke to my rep at iLink and they are trying to get Avermedia to add that option into remoteAP. soon as they come out with the new release iLink will posted on there web site @ www.iLinkPro.com. Until then you can use this other option recommended in previous post by VGMAn.
  7. I am in Atlanta, GA and I buy most of my products from iLink Professionals, Inc. and after doing alot of research I have found them to have great price and they have everything in stock at Atlanta warehouse.
  8. You can also look into Avermedia DVRs. They support both standard CCTV Cameras as Well as IP Cameras...
  9. FYI: Avermedia has the DVR Cards with DOM which is based on Windows XP same as X-Box... They use-to have a DOM solution for Linux with old MP series DVR Cards which you might still be able to get if you call them. I think they are working on Linux based DOM for new NV series DVR Cards... Sajaan
  10. At this poing you cannot control PTZ from Remote Console software but as you know you can control it from Web browser. You can also download CMS3000 which works with NV3000 and that lets you control PTZ from remote CMS software. http://www.ilinkpro.com/support/downloads.asp?nav=support&pg=downloads hope this helps... Sajaan
  11. sajaan458

    avermedia EB1104 NET help

    Try connecting from this link: http://www.iLinkPro.com/SDVR that is the link CCTVMegaStore.com gives out when they sell EB1104 from Avermedia where you don't have to install any software and it's hosted at iLink Professionals' data center. I think you might have the older software but if you use that site u don't have to install any software and you can just connect via that link. Regards, Sajaan
  12. Question for the Companies or the individual who has used or sold both AVermedia and Geo products? 1. Which features Goe DVR has that and Aver does not have? 2. Which features Aver has that Goe does not have? Thanx in Adv.
  13. Aver also has free CMS3000 basic that let you connect 16 DVRs 256 Cameras for free and you can also purchase adv. version which will let you connect 1000 DVRs... I have used both Geo and Aver and most feature specailly the once that matter are in Aver. Aver's PCI Express DVR are awsome and you can have all channels on 640x480 and from what I found that Goe's D1 on all 16 channels are not tru D1 like Aver's Goe just Stretches 640x480 image... On PCI express card you can also get multi view on RCA out port... From last two years Aver is devoting a lot more resources and is fully committed to the security site of the company.
  14. sajaan458

    DVR Bandwidth requirements

    Based on my Geo & Aver what I have seen when I hook up network sniffer that they send out between 3k-6k per frame now you can calculated based on how many frames DVR system you have. This # may change based on type of compression and image quality setting. Jmason: above link does not work...
  15. from my experiance it should work fine as long as you only install drivers and not install the whole program and I agree with Soundy with ATI it is always best to run uninstall program and then just install the drivers not the whole app. and everything else it comes with.
  16. FYI: That always worked with my AT&T Phone and now Cingular phone and I've been using it for yearz... Also, works fine on T-Mobile phone that my co-worker has. It works like a text message where you don't have to have an internet or email plan and you will be charged .10c if that is what your provider charges for incoming text messaging service. Tom was trying to explain samething in his message but I am glad you figured it out. Regards, Sajaan
  17. sajaan458

    Geovision 800 compared to my SwannDvr4NrtPlus

    Yes, you can record and view at the same time with Geo cards and with most DVRs as long as you have good amount of memory with 4 port at lease 512MB.
  18. sajaan458

    Camera Misting

    It maybe IP66 weatherproof camera which should work fine as long as temp does not go below 25F degree (-5c) or go above around 100F degree (60c). if you are within the spec with that camera and if the camera is IP66 weatherproof then the seller must have defective batch which is very common when you deal with thousands of cameras every month.
  19. sajaan458

    Camera Misting

    This happens if the camera is either not weatherproof or if it is then it's not sealed properly... I would send that camera back to where you purchased it from and have them replace it because they may have the bad batch.
  20. iLink Professionals ' PC based DVR system are hybrid and supports both analog and IP cameras and are very very affordable.
  21. sajaan458

    CAT 5E Power Problem

    try using DC 1500 mA / 1.5A power supply ( iPS12D1500 ) which might help but your dealer is right about using 18G cable and I have not seen that many places power work very well over Cat5 cable unless its a 300mA or lower camera in short distance...
  22. sajaan458

    Why do these look like this?

    Andrew, I have seen that when the camera is not getting all the mA of power that it needs.. Check the power adatpor or the power box.
  23. sajaan458

    NewDay Night cameras look snowy

    RG59U cable with Cooper should help alot... With RCA type cable you lose quaility BIG time.... Regards, Sajaan
  24. That should work and also since you have 5.7 you can click on power button on the lower left corner of the screen and click on about and update... it might ask you for IP address for upgrade server which you can use and I have been using iLink Professionals update server at this process will auto date your software without you having to download the software. You can do it either way. Regards, Sajaan
  25. sajaan458

    Hardware Compression

    I have used Avermedia's NV7000 DVR cards which has hardware comp. which works real well and they are easy to use and is riched with features... Regards, Sajaan