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    CLOVER POS / NVR intergration

    iLink Professionals has a Security Camera App, free with their CVBS, 1080p - 4k Coax Text Overlay Interface iTIVO-HD4K-C, or their iSNVR.... that has built-in support. Here is the link to their Clover Security Camera App if you don't have their Text Overlay or NVR. iCloverAPP https://www.ilinkpro.com/proddetail.php?prod=iCloverApp. Here is the YouTube Link 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwXh1hJZueU&t and link 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKvX5NUWVpU. I hope this is helpful.
  2. sajaan458

    AVerDiGi SA9416 RACK Series recommendation

    I have used and sold SA6416 Rack which is very close to SA9416 except SA9416 is Hardware compression. Has same OS/Software on both system... SA6416 has been working great!!!
  3. sajaan458

    2 x NV6480 fps questions

    Yes, with i7 process you should get 640x480... recently i have sold many NV8416 DVR and that DVR card will give you Full D1 720x480 with i7 Processor... I really like this new card if you have the budget. NV6480 are also very nice DVR card and we have setup few hunderds of those boards so far...
  4. sajaan458

    New Stuff from Avermedia!!!

    AVerMedia iPhone software is out. From iPhone go to Apple store and search for AVerDigi Viewer
  5. sajaan458

    AverMedia NV8416 E4 card

    Yes, I have sold few of the system either with one NV8416 E4 and with two NV8416 installed in single system. I love it... they work great and you can get real time 30fps, full D1 with MPEG4 on all the channels. With NV6480 max you could get in real time 30fps mode is 640x480 which is still not bad and much better then many DVRs but Full D1 is always better as I do a lot of high-end installs... FYI: I use i7 processor with Windows 7 and it's been running smooth...
  6. sajaan458

    Remote Viewing with Blackberry

    FYI: According to CCTVMegaStore; iLink Professionals has submited the non branded version of iPhone app to Apple and it will be called NDVR iViewer or iDSSViewer. It's expected it to be up by end of April 2010.
  7. sajaan458

    Remote Viewing with Blackberry

    AVerMedia iPhone is app is out. From your iPhone go to app store and search for AVerDigi Viewer.
  8. sajaan458

    Upgraded from 7.3 to 7.7 SP2

    This is a common issue with 7.7 since AVer has updated the web files. I was not able to get anything on this issue from the tech I talk with from AVerMedia however, I called CCTVMegaStore since I buy all of my products from them and they told me to download a file from there site http://www.AVerMedia-DVR.com - Support - CCTVMegaStore Product Downloads - Surveillance / Security Products section and the file is OCX Remove which is on the middle of the page. Make sure IE is closed and run that file on each computer that has connected to or logged on to any previous verson of AVerMedia DVR (7.5 or lower). This will take care of the issue.
  9. sajaan458

    which DVR-EB1304NET or Intellicam G4-HD-E?

    EB1304Net-SATA I bought from cctvmegastore.com came with the Fan and I have sold over 200 of those unit and they work real well. I don't think i would ever look at anyother unit. I did buy first few EB1304Net from another source and they did not come with one any fan. I just double check the unit I got in yesterday from cctvmegastore and it does have fan. Hope it helps. Sajaan
  10. I have install many (over 300) DVR system at gas station with Ruby register integration purchased from iLink Professionals. I'll send you more info. via PM.
  11. sajaan458

    Problems with NV5000 & NV6240

    I have installed over 100 NV500 systems and I don't have that problem. Check your hardware make sure you are using Windows XP Pro with at lease 512MB RAM and Intel chipset Motherboard. Make sure Windows is up to date and you are using 7.1 or higer DVR software. I recommend 7.5.
  12. sajaan458

    warning re avermedia and POS and Vista

    I have done Radiant system for Chackers, Donkin Donuts and for Backyard burgers and all those places I used the POS Box and two adaptors that I got from iLink Professionals, which also worked with Ruby system that most gas stations uses. Now they are working on getting Sharp register to work and I think they are very close and it's been only couple of days yeaah!! sorry I have order for 15 locations if that works Sajaan
  13. sajaan458

    AVerDiGi software NV7.5 version and USB Dongle

    GV.Jackie: I agree I really like the new 7.5 version. It's working real well... Media: try www.AVerMedia-DVR.com click on support/download. They have most upto date AVerMedia & DSS software. Sajaan
  14. sajaan458

    NEED HELP!!!

    My suggeston would be to upgrade to CM 7.5. CM 7.5 has many new features and you should be able to export and import the configuration. I would also upgrade the DVR software from 7.3 to 7.5.
  15. sajaan458

    Any Live Demos of an Avermedia NV5000 card?

    Sure you can look at the live demo from www.iLinkPro.com... They have few demos and the software for all board is the same. I think demo 3 is NV5000 with 16 cameras or something. Regards, Sajaan
  16. sajaan458

    Can't get Remote Control to work!!

    I have seen that problem once with the older version. I am currently using 7.5 Which I am not sure if AVer has it up or not but here the site I downloaded my software http://www.ilinkpro.com/support/downloads.asp?nav=support&pg=downloads. They have the most up to date software on all AVerMedia software and most of the time I get them before AVer USA. Hope this fixes the problem, but if not then post the message and I'll try to give you more suggestions. Sajaan
  17. sajaan458

    NV5000 IP Camera Support

    Here is the List for AVerMedia 7.3 IP and Mega Pixel Camera Support List: http://www.ilinkpro.com/downloads/IPnMegaPixel_List.pdf
  18. sajaan458

    Avermedia 3000 FTP question

    I don't think there is a away to send images to FTP site without setting up the Alarm and in Alarm you can only setup motion, so you are right there is no way to send non motion video to FTP side. Even if it did it would be a lot of waste of bandwidth and space.
  19. sajaan458

    IP PTZ help

    I installed three of this IP PTZ about six months ago and they seem to be working real well...http://www.ilinkpro.com/proddetail.asp?prod=iPTZIP27DNWDR&cat=55 I use this camera with AVerMedia DVR, but you can also use it but it self via broser and it also comes with NVR Software.
  20. You can go under Setup-Recording and set your camera(s) to Motion recroding. You can also increase or reduce sensitivity level. You can also use Shild feature to block out area(s) from picking up the motion from.
  21. Try NV5000 which is a real time card. I like NV5000 and NV6000 express cards...
  22. sajaan458

    warning re avermedia and POS and Vista

    I always install my AVer DVR on xp pro and have connected many of my DVRs to POS and have not have that much problems. Last week I connected 3 Aloha POS By Radiant system with the help of iLink Professionals on XP Pro DVR. I have never installed any DVR on Vista and will avoid it as mush as I can.
  23. sajaan458

    remote storage of data?

    In my last dealer training by iLink Professionals they said they are doing remote storage for iLink as well as AVerMedia DVRs. Right now they are doing for limited clients, but they are getting ready to open it up for anyone who has iLink or AVer DVRs. they just started Video Monitoring company called Virtual Guard Services to do live or event based Live video monitoring for iLink and AVer DVRs. My rep is Sonny look them up. I know AVer support Vivotek IP Mega Pixel camera...
  24. sajaan458

    quicker export from Avermedia ?

    Download 7.3 and you should see some difference in speed.
  25. sajaan458

    how is Avermedia??

    I use to sell Geo only, but from last four years I been selling AVerMedia. So, I been very happy with the product.