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  1. Request for Help! We have installed an analog (1000tvl) system for an industrial water pumping station. Since cameras are original Samsung brand, we use 24V AC for powering the whole system. Most of the box and PTZ cameras are installed on iron poles and we use RG11 coaxial cable. Now we are having rolling bar noises in most of the cameras. We have done different tests to solve the issue but they haven't reached any clear results. Please see the attached photos and videos and help us with your advises and recommendations. Thanks for your helps.
  2. I have a contract to install a CCTV system around power substation. The length of the landscape is 500 meter and the width is about 400 meter. I am asked to put two cameras in each corner of the station that would cover about 200 m length of each side. I couldn't find a fixed camera that could function for such requirement. I will appreciate if you recommend your solutions.also I am confused to choose wire or wireless ip camera by using nano station device to transfer video...here bellow the site layout of the power substation. http://postimg.org/image/wmix8ru1z/