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  1. Hi all, I need help, I've forgotten the admin password for my dvr, I can't for the life of me remember the admin password to get in to it! I've tried all my normal passwords to no avail, can these be reset to default on the board? battery backup battery removed maybe? or some other way to get back in it? DS-7216HVI-SV Serial number: 500703508
  2. I’ve got a Hikvision PTZ camera and the heater cooler fan is getting very noisy! Is it easy to replace? Is it in the top part of the dome cover or in the bottom part near the camera? The noise is getting worse so needs replacing soon. PTZ IS: DS-2AE5225TI-A AHD-TVI 2MP
  3. rrs2010

    Annke DN41R

    Thanks very much, most helpful
  4. rrs2010

    Annke DN41R

    Help please, a mate has the Annke DN41R but we are unsure on the spec, does anyone know what the max MP camera it supports?
  5. rrs2010

    Splitting video output?

    Sorry should of been clearer... DVR has an hdmi output that I am using with a monitor in the same location, bnc video output from the DVR is being used to view cameras about 20m away from the DVR, I’d like to to be able to view cameras from another room too that is about 10m away so wondered if I could just split the output some way with a T piece bnc or if I need to do it with and amplified bnc splitter?
  6. Hi all, I currently have my coax bnc video output going to another monitor in another room, I would also like the output to be displayed on a seconded monitor about 10mr apart, can I just put a bnc T connection in and feed it this way or am I best to fit a amplified splitter as in picture?
  7. rrs2010

    Black bar on right?

    Thanks for the reply, it wasn't privacy masking, however it's back to normal again after re-booting the DVR
  8. Can anyone help? I have a black bar on the right hand side of one channel from one camera, all other 7 fine... all seeting seem fine. Using a Hikvision HD Turbo DVR with TVI 2MP cameras
  9. rrs2010

    CCTV Sytem recommendation

    Sorry I should have mentioned I'm from the UK. Thanks for the response though We have Costco in the UK too
  10. I'd like to use the video output on the back of my DVR so that I can view cameras from another room on a TV, I plan to run coax from the DVR's video output (bnc) to the other room and then go from bnc to a scart adaptor so I can view on a TV.. My question is do I use RG59 for this or would I be better using RG6.? Or is there a better way of being able to view the DVR's video output on a TV (Can't use HDMI as it's too far away)
  11. rrs2010

    Poor Picture on one camera

    All sorted it was a poor connection BNC
  12. Hi all, Hope someone can shed some light on an issue I have with one of my cameras... I have swaped the power supply with a known good one that is powering another cameras but it was just the same, The power supply running the affected camera works fine on others. Link below to what's on screen