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  1. i just bought a Eyemax PRO-HS-S6100 DVR 16 Channel SDI Digital Video Recorder, when i start it up the monitor says "The current input timing is not supported by the monitor display. Please change your input timing to 1920x1080@60hz " i have tried to use the HDMI cable and the VGA cable hooked up to a computer monitor . it keeps saying the same thing . please help
  2. I just bought a GEOVISION GV-SDI-204 4CH HD-SDI and bought a Eyemax HD-SDI dome IR security camera, 1080p 2 megapixel, 2.8-12mm, 12V , i have not hooked it up yet but should be able to try it out soon . What kind of dvr do you have ?
  3. I am looking for some HD-SDI cameras . Not looking to spend the most but want to get something that will work good. Can we start a list of the good brands and the ones to stay away from .
  4. bsculptor

    hybrid dvr card and ip camera

    hi your standard cameras hook up to the BNC ip cameras will be added from your network which hybrid card do you have. I just got a geovision GV-SDI-204 4CH HD-SDI . is there any good hd-sdi cameras out there at a good price ? i ordered a Eyemax HD-SDI dome IR security camera, 1080p 2 megapixel, 2.8-12mm, 12V for $170 , going to try this out for starters
  5. bsculptor

    hybrid dvr card and ip camera

    if i have a hybrid dvr card , and it accepts analog and ip cameras ... how does the ip camera hook up to the bnc line ? also my dvr card for example only can record at d1 , is there any use to use a 1080p ip camera if i cannot record at that resolution. sorry for the dumb question.
  6. I currently have a 4 channel avermedia dvr card on my computer and looking to change to a better quality system. What are some good ip cameras out there and what else do i need to record and how does this work ? where does it record to ? how many cameras can i hook up ? if i wanted a PTZ camera do i need anything else ? I already have bnc cable lines throughout the house can i still use these in tandem with ip cameras ?