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  1. EddieR

    A complete novice requires advice.

    Thanks Guys for all your help!! It is now up and running, and I am able to log on though Iphone or Ipad anywhere via wireless or phone network. Intially I had set up the Iphone viewing app using the IP address! but when reading it again I noticed I should have used the DVR name that I had given it! Thanks again guys!!
  2. EddieR

    A complete novice requires advice.

    Hi, Thank you, I will try this tonight and let know how I get on.
  3. EddieR

    A complete novice requires advice.

    I set up using the " Network Connection wizard". There as an Auto Configuration function that allowed the DVR to obtain LAN parameters, IP address, Gateway, SubnetMask and DNS server address. would it be best to set it up manually then?
  4. Hi to you all, As the title of this post suggests I am new to the world of CCTV and this site!! I am looking for some help / advice on installing CCTV sytems. My Father and mother who are in their 80’s were recently burgled and as a consequent we decided for added security and peace of mind we would fit a CCTV system. Rightly or wrongly I opted for a Securix system as it appeared to tick all the boxes, I managed to install the system ( 4 cameras ) in a few hours and got it setup to record etc, I then set it up on his network via an Ethernet cable and managed more by luck than judgment to be fair to view the system on an Iphone and Ipad using the Securix app, 2 days later this function stopped working? When I try to access it it comes up with a message saying “No server up”. I assumed that this was a problem with the Securix server and not at our end as I have not changed any settings on the DVR and everything else is working fine. Securix are saying that there is nothing wrong with their system!! So the questions are; Any ideas on why its suddenly stopped working? Is Securix a good system? Is there any other generic Iphone apps that I could try to use? Any advice welcome> Regards Eddie R