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  1. hocuslocus

    issues with GV-SV4800

    I'm having an issue with this camera, it's brand new came from a reseller. I've been going back and forth with GV live chat and still haven't been able to figure out a resolution. I'm only able to see one of the 4 cameras on the Web UI. In the manual it says that each camera is supposed to have their own IP address, (in the device utility) If I click on configure I only see that one camera. (in the manual your supposed to see all four cameras, with separate IP addresses) I've tried using VMS (since they said this camera isn't compatible with NVR, but it didn't make a difference). It still does the same thing, but it wouldn't of mattered since the Web UI didn't work anyway. It won't let me change the password on the Web UI, I've tried several times. It keeps coming back with "please change the password from the default". It also has a message about network congestion, Geovision tech suggestion I turn the dialogue for that option off in the .ini file. (I'm pretty sure that issue still exists, but I'm not getting the warning for it anymore) I changed the power supply to a 24VDC 6 amp, which should be more than sufficient according to the specs. I've tried different cables, tried putting it on two separate networks in two different locations, Reset the camera itself to default pushing the button on the inside of the camera. Everything the manual says doesn't work. I've installed several geovision cameras without issue, but this one is being very temperamental. If reloading the firmware doesn't help, I'm pretty sure this is a broken camera.
  2. hocuslocus

    GV-5016 Windows, having issues with Startup

    damn this thing is being extremely stubborn. I think I had one run where windows was able to reboot 7 times and geovision started every time. Now it just hangs no matter how many times I try. It pauses for a long time then says, can't find keypro then device failed etc... Wonder if this is a windows 10 thing. I never had this amount of problems with windows 7. . I know it can see the usb dongle because I can see it in device manager. I like Geovision because it's fairly user friendly once everything is set up and the cameras are descent, as far as surveillance equipment goes. Why does everything have to be so difficult.
  3. hocuslocus

    GV-5016 Windows, having issues with Startup

    Ok, so the one thing I neglected to do was swap the Sata port. After trying over and over and over again. I finally swapped the Sata port and it worked. fingers crossed that it stays working.
  4. I wasn't able to login to windows and didn't create a backup. typed every password imaginable and every iteration of those passwords. Finally decided to reinstalled windows. Then decided to just install the inevitable windows 10. After the install, GV-5016 worked fine after moving it from PCI slot to PCI slot and uninstalling and reinstalling the card drivers over and over. Every-time it rebooted it started right up. I think the computer went to sleep or something and now it's doing that Multicam system wait thing again. So once again I attempted to move the PCI slot and uninstall and reinstall drivers. finally I reinstalled windows again and am still having issues with Geovision starting. At first thought this seemed to be a Windows 10 issue, so I installed windows 7 and the same thing happened it was being a bastard about starting. When the card was first installed, I don't remember having this much trouble with it. Had the card for over 2 years and it was working fine until I "forgot" my login password for windows. (might be paranoid, but I think windows corrupted my password or something). It was working fine for about 2 hours then the computer went to sleep and that was it. if anyone has any insight I would be greatly appreciative. One thing it says afterward is card setup failed. man this is getting frustrating
  5. Do you have to use Geo software with a Geo card? I'm fine with the software right now, only because I don't really have much to compare it to besides Talon. I'm trying to do a dvr/nvr system. They let you use what ever camera in the dvr, but with nvr a license is required to run another manufactures camera. That sucks, ip cameras are expensive enough without having to pay another 50 to 100 bucks for a 3rd party license. Also another question if I was to buy another dvr card do I have to buy the same one, or can I go with a different model? Main reason is the card I bought was a 16 channel, 1200 dollar card. and more than likely I am not going to be using another 16.
  6. hocuslocus

    Compatibility Issues? card gv5016

    well if anyone is curious, I had to uninstall the board and dongle drivers with the cd, then uninstall anything geo with the windows uninstaller, then go into c:>windows:>system32:>drivers and manually delete anything that might have to do with geovision (if I wasn't sure I deleted it anyway. I checked the date modified just to make sure it wasn't anything to important. If it was, oh well my next step was to reinstall windows anyway.) Now the install, I made sure I used a different copy of the software. (though I'm pretty sure the original was fine. but there was a corrupt file somewhere that wasn't allowing the software to start) first I installed the drivers for the card second installed the drivers for the dongle (usb) third installed the actual software and now I opened the software now it's like there wasn't anything wrong at all. one thing I'm learning with all this is that it is very very important to know what is compatible with what. I have a couple GV keyboards I got that I can't even use since I have the 64 version of windows 7. the only way I could find something like that out is to either buy it and be SOL like I am now or do the smart thing. Go find an online instruction manual or go on the manufactures website. hindsight is a ***.
  7. hocuslocus

    Compatibility Issues? card gv5016

    Hello I just built my first system, and it seems I have a problem. After installing the card and dongle drivers, and installing the system software it keeps coming back with "can't find card pro". I checked connections, changed pci slots, uninstalled and reinstalled drivers. Yet still the same error shows up. I know it says it's not compatible with VIA and ATI mother board chipsets. I have an ASUS sabertooth 990FX/GEN3 R2.0 which has a AMD 990FX chipset with a amd-8350 processor. The video capture card is the gv-5016. After talking to the seller he said that geovision doesn't work with AMD chipsets and that I shouldn't have a problem with a motherboard with an intel chipset. I would agree, but I thought ATI and AMD broke up a while ago. I would test it here before I invested in another motherboard but I don't have any other motherboards that are intel. It would be great if that were the issue since the capture card was so expensive(he said for me to send it back if the problem persists, but still...). Some other information, the lights on the card are on, they are green. When I install the drivers, they do show up under device manager. It shows both the card and the dongle. The only thing that I wasn't 100% about was that there was a slot for a sata cable on the front of the card. Does anyone know if this is supposed to be plugged in or not? I can't seem to find anything that says if it needs to be plugged in or not.