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  1. Did anybody try to rotate at 90 degree the image sensor of the IP camera Sony SNC-DH110? I have a few such cams and it needs to install them to the corridor to get a better picture. It would be great to mount it on the wall without a rotation picture.
  2. Thanks for answer. Sorry for contraction. I meant the Microsoft Active Directory service. It's such a users database. If you have lots of network resources at Microsoft Windows environment (file- mail- web- servers, CCTV systems etc.) it's difficult to remember all usernames and passwords. It's much easier to use single username and password to have access to these systems. Actually, I use that feature to have access to our Axis Camera station system.
  3. Hello. I've noticed that the Hikvision's software (iVMS-4200) interface has only local account management feature. I have MS AD DC infrastructure and it would be great to use this feature to authenticate CCTV's users. Is it possible? Thanks.
  4. Hello everybody! I've got the DVR Dahua and one JVC dome camera. The camera uses its own JVC protocol for PTZ task but I can't find this protocol in the Dahua's list. Is it possible to add that protocol in the DVR or may be I can use one from almost 30 another protocols. Thank you for advance.