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  1. discoveranother

    CCTV Camera No Signal

    Hi all, Have a home CCTV system, a DVR box which has 4 outside cameras linked directly to it via a power unit. One of the cameras has just suddenly lost signal. I disconnected any power sockets (i.e. TV, lights) in the room apart from the CCTV DVR and a monitor. I rebooted the DVR and the camera came back on for about 10 seconds then went off again. I can't see anything in any log files on the DVR or anything that says why the camera has gone off. I have checked the cable connection of the CCTV camera to the back of the DVR and seems fine. I'm at a bit of a loss now. I did wonder if it is simply not getting enough power, but I have had these running for 7 years no probs. Although I know things can happen anytime. Does the camera have anything I can check on it itself ? The type of cameras I have are night vision infrared camera shaped like a dome. A photo of one of the cameras is attached. How would I be able to check this camera ? Does the camera come apart from the base ? Thanks all for any feedback.
  2. discoveranother

    Inspire DVR

    Have an Inspire DVR. The manual shows that the recordings can be backed up to USB drives. I have connected 4 working USB drives but when I select to check backup devices ready for copying, the DVR sees nothing. Strangely, if I connect the USB mouse which came with the product to the USB on the DVR there is no problem. I know it isn't the memory sticks because they all work when connected to a computer.
  3. discoveranother


    Was referring more to tomcctv's reply, didnt mean anything to me !
  4. discoveranother


    Demos about what ? HD-SDI 2 or 3mp I was hoping you could forward a link about the equipment you are referring to, camersa, DVR etc.
  5. discoveranother


    Thanks, do you have a link to it ?
  6. discoveranother


    Around £800, may push to £1000, but ideally £700-£800. Just want to make sure that if I get a cctv installer to do it, they aren't charging me well over the odds, as I haven't a clue what i'm looking for, as so much info to take in regarding camera types and specs etc.
  7. discoveranother


    Many thanks. I'm UK based, can this be purchased in the UK.
  8. discoveranother


    Hi I'm looking for a reasonably priced CCTV system for external home use, 4 cameras, ability to record, possibly infrared, night vision and also see images on smartphone when away from home. 'Reasonably priced' I admit could be a very varied figure. However, I have had a number of quotes from CCTV installers as well as people saying that good systems like this can be purchased from ebary and B&Q. Also, others have remarked that some installers will greatly inflate the price. I admit, I don't have the time, as easy as it may be to install myself. I don't want a wireless system, but would greatly appreciate what sort of price ranges I would be looking at to pay. Thanks