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  1. xmichael

    security for a remote school

    I'd recommend you put the honest on the supplier. You should be able to get a half decent kit in the $800 - $1500 CDN range, I recommend you put the work upon the supplier. Simply track down a CCTV company (I can think of a few, hehe) and contact them explaining your needs and budget. They will likely already have a precompiled kit ready or should be able to put one together for you. Any supplier would be happy to work for there money, err let us hope (-; Mike
  2. xmichael

    Vehicle CCTV system

    Thanks for the lead on the: Giantec Tracer 3000 Looks like a unit definately worth checking out. Thanks again, Mike
  3. xmichael

    Need Wireless Internet for Lear Jet

    This unit does what you need: http://www.rentcell.com/rent-satellite-phone.htm#voice&fast_data
  4. xmichael


    There is the haupagge PVR 250 It's no intended for security purposes, and it's rather expensive, but it does do the hardware MPEG2 http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?sku=10960&vpn=980&manufacture=HAUPPAUGE
  5. xmichael

    New CCTV information website

    Thanks, I quite enjoyed browsing this site. Mike
  6. xmichael

    pirate Geovision Card. Who can tell one?

    http://www.geovision.com.tw/002/en/piracy.htm That should be enough detail, no? Hehe, email geovision the pics (-;
  7. xmichael

    Need a Back to Front Case for a Project

    You will not find this ... It's completely crazy, hehe. My best suggestion would be to get a 4U case (Try google, there are a million companies that sell them online), Make / Buy the a 5 1/2 inch BNC connector plate, and terminate the cables THROUGH the case and to the back of the system.
  8. Have you considered a cheap indoor wireless camera and a outdoor hood? It's definately not perfect, but a good way to get you under the $300 mark. Do some googling, there are some great wireless cameras in the $200 range, and heated / moisture tight hoods can be had for for around $100. Mike
  9. xmichael

    This DVR any good?

    Looks neat. But the price isn't all that great "for ebay" you can get units with a warrentee and support for near that price. Mike
  10. xmichael

    KVM Switches

    My experience has been that the KVM unit (as long as it's digital) doesn't matter much. The quality issues usually come to play as a result of the "cables". The discount KVM units tend to ship WITH the cables; they are trying to cut costs so they ship cheap cables (poorly shielded) and that are generally too long.. When picking a unit, ask to see the cables that come with it. Look for something thick and kinda sturdy looking where it is around the video cable. Also the shorter the cable, the better odds you'll get good quality.
  11. xmichael

    Consolidating our comm lines

    Consolidating a T-1 and an ADSL to a DS3 would certanly give you some extra bandwidth, a DS3 packs a hell of alot of bandwidth! I seriously doubt you'll be able to find a DS3 for the same price as 2, 3 or even 4, 150kbps network connections. I recommend you keep your T-1 and ADSL, and use a load balancing tool. http://www.broadbandbuyer.co.uk/Shop/ShopDetail.asp?ShopGroupID=12&CategoryID=48&ProductID=400 There's no doubt the product isn't perfect, as you don't get twice the bandwidth, you only get full use of the T-1 and ADSL at the same time, kinda round robin / wlc load balancing.. All in all, there are many products like the one I linked too. Check them out, and when in doubt contact a local Linux consulting firm. There cheap and can MAKE you a book that does everything you need. Mike Complete CCTV Security Cameras