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  1. Thanks for the responses guys. As for the DVR, they need to have it located in the first building, for security reasons. So unfortunately it has to be remote from where the cams are actually gonna be. And due to the length btw the buildings, I was really hoping to get away with only running 2 cat5's as opposed to 8 rg-59's...
  2. Hi all. This is my first post here. I'm a little new with this stuff, but have a question. Tried searching but didn't turn up much. My situation is this: For my boss, I need to mount 8 cams in a building, and then run all the video signals over to another building approx. 200 ft away where the 8 channel DVR and monitor is. There will already be a 12v power supply in the building with the cams. My plan was to run siamese from all the cams to a central location inside that building where the 12v will be, and then switch over with passive baluns and run the 8 video feeds through 2 cat5's (4 cam feeds per cat5). Will that work? Can you run 4 video signals in 1 cat5? Or will you have interference/crosstalk? Thanks in advance for the help!