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  1. Hello, I am looking for a camera that is hard to find. It is a board camera with a 1/1.8" sensor, very good for low-light conditions. It's called the SC1020 I think. A person on another website did some comparison tests with other cameras: According to him it was very difficult to find a seller, so I thought I'd ask here with people who deal in CCTV business everyday: Anybody know of a source where this camera can be purchased?? Thank you. tags: SMARTSENS
  2. Rory, Can you please provide more detail on this picture? Given the equipment, this license plate capture seems really good to me! I am presently really struggling with license capture at night using my analog cameras. Thanks! Bump. Want to know too. Nothing huh?
  3. Is this forum even active anymore? How about VideoSecu brand??
  4. IdahoMan

    Lens Adapter

    Yes they do. I don't know if anyone here has used one and can give us their experience. BUMP. IM
  5. Why don't you use fibre then? Guaranteed interference free (both ways). Ilkie Have been thinking about that too, but haven't researched it. A a fiber-optic cable between the camera aperture and the lens. No metal. Got any links? But I still need to find some RG59 Siamese.
  6. To bad there isn't a website that shows detailed lab tests of certain cable types with documented results. BTW, There is RG59 with an extra layer of foil too. What to you think: http://www.cctvopticallens.com/product/3-7mm-2Megapixel-F2-5-M12-Mount-Sharp-Cone-Pinhole-Lens.html I can't sell my kidney to buy Belden, sorry. True. However, getting more a little more tight and in-depth: There are also security reasons. Anything that gives off radiation (heat, light, radio, etc.) can be detected. The objective is to shield the systems from detection. There are materials, including paints made for shielding.
  7. So, how's it going? How's ADI? What's the word on RG59 Siamese? Are the prices good? Thanks. IM
  8. Ok. Did you ever use adapters like the ones above in your line of work? Where they true 75ohm impedance?
  9. IdahoMan

    Megapixel pinhole lens??

    Hello, I'm looking for an actual megapixel coned pinhole lens. Preferably in the 1/2" sensor range. Lower "f" rating the better (ex: f/1.2 or lower). There are tons of stuff (like this)online, but who knows what is real or not. Thank you. Sincerely, IM
  10. Thanks. You've had experience with them? They know the difference between a 50ohm and 75ohm adapter/connector I hope? A lot of these sites aren't listing the impedance!! And the listed pictures are probably just mass-issue and they look like 50ohm.
  11. Thanks Jerome. Checked out Ideal, they look like they have connectors but they don't have adapters. Any source for items like theses?
  12. Hi, Any decent and trusted sources for finding 75ohm BNC/F/RCA/etc. adapters and connectors? I don't see spending over $.75-1.00ea for them either. Also, S&H is a problem.. Not interested when the S&H is twice as much as the product. Ebay would work, but there's no telling what I'm getting. Thank you. IM
  13. Interference to the CCTV system is a concern too, that's why I figured coax would be better. Thanks for the info. And RG6 can work just as well or better than RG59 as long as the requirements (materials(BC), braid coverage(95%), and impedance(75ohms)) are met, yes? They make R6 that has the same specs as RG59 but with, IIRC, larger gauge center wire. Toss, How do measure radio interference? Spectrum analyzer?