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  1. Hello, About 4 month ago I bought a IPC-HDW4631C-A From amazon, great cam and worked perfect until yesterday.... Im connected to a managed sg300 Cisco switch, and I can see that cam is getting power, but interface it self is never going up, not even for few seconds initially. I tried to switch the port, change jump cables(havent taken the camera yet near the switch). Any thoughts what might be going on?
  2. Anyone know the new URLs for the snapshots ? Check this page https://www.ispyconnect.com/man.aspx?n=Dahua FFMPEG rtsp://IPADDRESS:554//cam/realmonitor JPEG http://IPADDRESS/cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi?loginuse=[uSERNAME]&loginpas=[PASSWORD] MJPEG http://IPADDRESS:554/axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi?camera=[CHANNEL] VLC http://IPADDRESS:554//axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi VLC rtsp://IPADDRESS:554/live VLC rtsp://IPADDRESS:554/ Yes I tried all of those... I get nothing or 500 server error. None work for the snapshot....
  3. Anyone know the new URLs for the snapshots ?
  4. Ok so everything is ok so far with out using detection on the camera, I`ll learn to live with that... But can some one tell me with the latest firmware whats the snapshot URL ? This is for 4300S running 2.420.0008.0.R, Build 2015-07-10....
  5. Yeah this sucks... lower resolution camera actually worked better for me... go figure....
  6. For your first question: I haven't seen it personally, but I've heard about it happening. It's probably the injector/switch failing. Your second question: The 4200S' max resolution is 1920x1080, which is 16:9. The 4300S' max resolution is 2048x1536, which is 4:3. Have you tried lowering the 4300S to 1920x1080 to match the 4200S? Thank you very much for a reply.... The switch is working fine, as other devices are working...... As you can see by my original post, I did lower the resolution, but its still the same.... I started doing more research and I see that it is the sensor and the angle that comes with it... I guess I`m out of luck... I dont even see 4200S being sold any more... Which is very sad...
  7. I prefer the IVS feature on the 10.R version, rather than the newer 8.0.R (7-10). Does the Synology automatically connect or does the camera need to be configured to communicate with the NAS, if in which case, check the Storage setting on the camera. The storage settings are typically wiped while upgrading the firmware. You said it seems to be motion detection, so that may have something to do with the IVS feature. You can upgrade to the 8.0.R version which doesn't have the IVS. No Im using Synology as an NVR with Surveillance Station... Seems when I use cameras built in motion detection synology sees the cam as disconnected... I switched to use Synology motion detection and its seems stable... But I rather use the cameras motion detection to save on some CPU cycles...
  8. Ok, after updating to some firmware in the middle I was able to get General_IPC-HX5(4)XXX_Eng_N_Stream3_IVS_V2.420.0000.10.R.20150424 on the cam... But now, my synology keeps saying its disconected, seems related to motion detection.... Camera is up and when view from the web gui its up... but synology keeps saying disconnected/connected...
  9. Hello All, First question: Last night one of my HDW4200S went dark... After much troubleshooting, I think its a POE issue on the camera, since it boots and works via power adapter, and other cameras are working from my switch, did any one ever seen this behavior ? Second question: I meant to ask this a while ago, but now I have a pressing need. For some reason HDW4200S has a much wider angle then HDW4300S. I tough it was the lens, but then I saw that they have same exact 3.6mm lens, I tried changing the resolution on 4300 to match 4200, but picture is still the same.... On the 4200, it seem much wider, almost like its 16:9 and on the 4300 it looks like 4:3.... Is there a setting I`m missing ? Or is it the sensor in 4200 ?
  10. Is that PAL ? I need NTSC version of that anyone has that ?
  11. Hello Guys, Need a little help, my IPC-HDW4200S died last night, still looking in to it, possibly POE is not working. But I replaced it with a IPC-HDW4300S which I had spare not used (due to angle, I`m going to open another thread on that) But can you guys tell me which is the right firmware for this camera ? I got it about a year ago, and it has Software Version 2.420.0000.0.R, build : 2014-04-19... I`m looking around and saw this General_IPC-HX5(4)XXX_Eng_N_Stream3_IVS_V2.420.0000.10.R.20150424, tried loading on the camera, but it did not load..... I saw other posts and threads that talk about V2... I dont know if I have V2 or V1, how do I find out ?
  12. Hello Guys, I`m looking for the latest and greatest firmware for IPC-HDW4200S. One of my cameras started rebooting again. SO I want to see if I can upgrade. Currently its running. Software Version2.400.0000.0.R, build : 2013-12-31 WEB Version3.2.4.161826 ONVIF Version2.3 Which has been stable for a while now since mid Sept 2014. EDIT: Ok Found a thread with all the firmware. viewtopic.php?f=19&t=44928
  13. . Ok so here is a final update on my issue. There is something on my network, still not sure what it is, or what it could be (even after doing packet captures and going over it multiple times) that will signal/force/overload or something for the cameras to reboot. I was working with iTuneDVR member from here who suggesting moving to a different VLAN, which worked, no issues anymore cameras have been stable. I still cant find what actually caused the issue, but it is "fixed" now.
  14. Isnt that what iTuneDVR said above?