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  1. I would not recommend putting any version less than 5.2.5 on a camera that has a label stating it left the factory with 5.2.5. This is the case even if the camera is supplied with a version less than 5.2.5 I'm not able to provide further information regarding this so feel free to ignore my advice if you wish.
  2. Hi there As I've already previously indicated, my region change solution is fully compatible with 5.2.5. Any issue feel free to PM or email me. Edit: I've never bricked anyone's camera nor heard of a problem after an upgrade. I'm not sure if you were implying that that was the case but I can confirm that has not happened.
  3. Maybe I'm just a retard but search doesn't show up much with keywords like hikivision nas 5.2 uninitialized. I'm not really sure wether the cbx fix is for people with chinese region cameras or if it's supposed to fix the nas issue. And downloading the file with no ftp access on the 5.2 firmware is that possible. Anyhow any nudge in the right direction would be awesome! Josh Hi there No it's permanent device region change I provide - NAS patches for various firmware versions are a completely different issue which I don't provide (the support I'd have to give would be a total nightmare ). Though in my experience if the NAS share is on it's own hard disk partition on the server (and there's nothing else on the partition) then everything is fine.
  4. Yes I didn't include that because it doesn't refer to 5.2.3 (though of course they may have just typo'd).
  5. Salut friends. Raptor 2xxx 5.2.3 on our favourite Hikvision FTP site. ftp://ftp.hikvisionusa.com/Hikvision_IP_Camera_Firmware/Raptor_2xxx_Series/DS-2CD24x2&25x2_WiFi_Camera_Firmware_v5.2.3_141024.zip Labelled for Wifi only it works fine on my 2032 and 2732 OK. Obvious changes are: - prompted to change default password at login - Moved some functions to "Smart Event" menu - No extra languages There's probably others and I would invite anyone to post them if discovered. Seems minor update, but of course no change log (except the file that is contained in the .zip file which refers to 5.2.0 anyway) so who knows. For people who have used my region change solution I can verify all tested OK on my cameras for 5.2.3. Any issues of course let me know.
  6. By all means PM me and we can take it from there.
  7. I am unemployed I just help people with IPC/DVR/NVR now Thanks for your kind words.
  8. Having reviewed the firmware binary code of this model, and extensive code analysis in order to implement PTZ, I can confirm MindTwist is correct. Earthquakes may produce some movement, though of course it is hard to predict. If you wish to purchase my Earthquake prediction product please get in touch.
  9. My region change program would resolve this, and change the camera region from Chinese to International (which includes the day of the week issue on the OSD). PM me if you wish to discuss purchasing it.
  10. Hola folks New firmware for DS-2CD24x2&25x2 WiFi Cameras on the FTP site. Don't have one of these cameras, but having looked in the code I can't see any reason why this would have any issues with my Chinese to International region change program.
  11. If the bootloader is working then yes. But I wouldn't worry about that part yet. 1) Try network options 2) See what you get from the UART if 1 fails Then go from there.
  12. You could listen to the network with Wireshark just to see if there's anything at all from it when it starts. Or if you have a managed swtich you could have a look at the port info. I've only ever connected to a 2732's UART - can't remember the pinout but a multimeter is handy Good luck!
  13. I don't think Hikvision or Dahua products are vulnerable, as they use busybox. That's only what I've read, I've not done any code analysis.