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  1. Hi people, I installed in my home a CCTV. The Hardware 'pack' that i bought is: - 4 Cameras 700TVL SONY CCD Outdoor; - 1 DVR FLOUREON 8CH HDMI Full D1 with 1TB Hard Disk; Image of the Pack: http://img1.imagilive.com/1213/1f54.JPG Specification of DVR: http://img1.imagilive.com/1213/DVR.JPG Specification of CAMERAS: http://img1.imagilive.com/1213/camera.JPG I have installed everything and its all working very well. To I can see the 4 cameras (In miniature) in the TV of my room, I bought a 30 meters (100 Feet) BNC to RCA Male to Male Cable ( http://img1.imagilive.com/1213/1b60.JPG ) and i connect BNC output in my DVR to the RCA output in my TV and this works, the image with the 4 cameras appear in my Room. The PROBLEM is that the image blink a lot of times! Starts working but after 20 seconds...Blink 5 in 5 seconds for a minute...And Stop Blinking...After a minute blink 30 seconds in 30 seconds. What can be wrong here? Thanks in advance for the helping. Cheers and Merry Christmas!
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    Hi People, I'm from Portugal and I'm new in this area. I came to here because I have installed a CCTV in my home and i want help in this forum people and be helped too. Merry Christmas to everyone!