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  1. msmolow

    Dahua firmware

    I'd also like to add my thank you. Before I upgrade, has anyone tried the 12/06 NTSC with a HDW3200S?
  2. msmolow

    Dahua firmware

    ... Also with the readme file that lists the specific model to which the NTSC firmware applies.
  3. msmolow

    Dahua firmware

    Thanks. Any suggestions to minimize the potential for bricking? Anything I can do in advance to undo a brick if it occurs? Happy Hollidays.
  4. msmolow

    Dahua firmware

    First time poster. This is a great resource. I have a HDW2100 and a HDW3200S. Both NTSC. The HDW2100 is 2.211.0000.0.R, build : 2013-07-26 and its interface is IP Camera. The HDW3200S is 2.103.0002.0.R, build : 2013-03-13 and its interface is Web Service 3.0. I'd like to get the HDW3200S to also use the newer IP Camera interface, but I read elsewhere that someone bricked their HDW3200S trying to upgrade to the 7-26 firmware. Does anyone know the latest successful firmware upgrade available for the HDW3200S? Thank you.