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  1. boomeranging

    double image - hikvision coax- pic attached

    It’s coax, there’s no resister anywhere. I’ll reterminate and see how it goes. I only really just unplugged and plugged in the coax and power cables- no modifications on the camera/cables.
  2. boomeranging

    double image - hikvision coax- pic attached

    Already tried but I see what you're getting at. I'll maybe just cut and reconnect the cable.
  3. Only one camera out of 6 is doing this, it was fine before. I changed out an adapter (that supplied power to all cameras as it failed) and after connecting to new adapter I got this issue. I know power is not the issue because I already tested this camera with the other power slots. What would cause this?
  4. Problem solved. One of the two hard drives died and prevented a boot up. Fan operation irrelevant.
  5. One camera froze (not uncommon) so I restarted the NVR, after that only a grid would display, no mouse pointer, no beep upon bootup. Hard drives still click away as if it were rebooting. FYI the cpu fan died a couple weeks ago but since the unit continued to work I delayed replacing it. I replaced today but the above happened. 2 green led and 1red (by battery) light on circuit board are on. What could be faulty? Dahuae (dahua rebranded, 8cameras, no built-in poe).
  6. I have two 10/100 switches 5 x 3mp cameras. Switches are connected in series to router. Switch A ->Switch B -> Router. I noticed disconnection problems because the nvr monitor shows a frozen picture for the cameras at A (meaning the connection has been stopped/disconnected). Any idea why this would happen? Average current transfer rate is just 3000kb/s for the cameras. Once I unplug Switch B and reconnect, the cameras work again.
  7. boomeranging

    two switch questions

    Yes it is apparent that gigabit switches would have no problems with most modest setups however my question is: Would my 6 x3mp camera operate well with just 10/100 switches? The cameras so far run at 4000kb/s.
  8. boomeranging

    two switch questions

    Thanks dan732. I appreciate the feedback.
  9. boomeranging

    two switch questions

    Thanks for the help guys. From what I read I think: A) I just need a cross cable between my two unmanaged (no uplink port) switches. I'm still unsure when I would (if ever) need a gigabit switch. The most ever I would use are probably 7 x 3mp cameras. (The nvr can handel 16cameras.) For reference I have a ZyXEL ES1100-8P 8-Port Fast Ethernet POE Unmanaged Switch Zyxel es1100-16P unmanaged POE switch
  10. I have 6 x 3mp cameras. 3cameras in garage, 3 in house. I will need minimal 2 switches because one will be in garage, one in house. POE utilized. A) I would like to connect the garage switch ---> house switch ---> router (in series). I know if they are unmanaged this config will not work. I know that B) unmanaged switches all need to terminate at the router. My house layout creates a problem where I cannot use B. Q1) When do I need a gigabit switch? eg. 7x 3mp cameras? Q2) Do I need 1 managed switch or 2 for config A?
  11. The item is warranted, I'm declining it and refunding. the vendor says their units are rebranded. Please focus on my question. I'd really appreciate it.
  12. Thanks all for your input but it brings me to my original question: I'd still like to know a respectable retailer selling Dahua. pls recommend the model as well- budget is $500. Not to worry, the supplier and I are in good communication. Thanks
  13. I have an NVR which is a rebranded Dahua. Somehow this forum blocks the real name and rewrites it for me! Sorry for the confusion. [MOD: Please do not try to defeat the word censors]
  14. My NVRX-16 was dead on arrival from a reputable dealer N E L L...., for the price it was very cheap and flimsy. So I'm out shopping again rather than exchanging it... and since they don't have a different brand at the same price. Could anyone recommend a retailer and an 8channel highdef highbandwidth NVR for (8x 3mp cameras) ? You could PM me if you can't type out the retailer name here. Many thanks.
  15. boomeranging

    newbie help- only hik 2cd2032 decided

    Thanks a bunch for the very detailed information slkdesign. I really wasn't expecting someone to put that much effort in a reply! It's a personal choice but I try to reduce the amount of radio waves in my environment. I've even taken the trouble to run LAN cable directly to my laptop to avoid using wifi. This and also the possibility of interference and transmission issues I would go with a hardwired route for all my cameras. The dropcam pro seems to garner good reviews on Amazon I'm sure it'll suite well for an easy installation. [MOD: Edited out banned retailer] Keep us updated with your Synology gear!