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  1. While inside, log into your router and under WAN or Status tab, what is your WAN IP shown as? Not your IP chicken address. Is this address in your inside the router WAN address match IP chicken?
  2. Sounds like dual NAT routing. 1. When inside using wireless what is you internal IP? 2. When your outside what is your IP? Ipchicken.com What is the address of the DVR inside? While inside log into your router and under WAN or Status tab, what is your WAN IP shown as? I bet it starts with 192.168.1.x or 10.0.1.x or 10.1.1.x
  3. Have you tried it in IE? Looks like you are using Chrome right now. Same issue in both browsers? What is your DVR firmware version?
  4. varascope

    Too much light for night

    Try using a WDR camera outside. Odds are your IR's effective range and IR type probably won't overcome the issue. Try playing with the shutter speed first and if your camera has IR sensitivity adjustments. There was another post within the last 2 weeks about someone having a cheap camera that had no options for sensitivity adjust. I would rather suggest installing an LED flood light with motion detection. That way it does not stay on and it is inexpensive to run when it is.
  5. WD Announced the new Purple lineup designed for Video Surveillance. http://tinyurl.com/WDPurpleSurveillance Ce3S5WCpxJc
  6. varascope

    WD Announces Purple Surveillance Line

    MSRP for the 3.5-inch 1 TB drive, model #: (WD10PURX) is $89.99; the 2 TB drive, model #: (WD20PURX) is $119.99; the 3 TB drive, model #: (WD30PURX) is $159.99 and the 4 TB drive, model #: (WD40PURX) is $199.99 USD. I now have wholesale prices and delivery on March 10th with a serious order. There is a deal I should know about by Monday, tuesday for getting a free 2TB Purple drive but I don't have all the details yet. Looks like pre-orders are being taken too as the demand is high right not.
  7. varascope

    Question Regarding Power Distance

    Do you have a surge rush suppressor on the lock? Using straight to the lock can reduce the life of your system. Once we have the fire panel model we can go through step by step to make sure you are within code.
  8. varascope

    video wall

    Avigllon vs Milestone Sunday, Sunday, Sunday
  9. varascope

    Question Regarding Power Distance

    Do you have a model or schematic of the Access Power supply? I want to check one more item. What is the make and model of the Fire Panel?
  10. varascope

    Video Enhancement

    The best part is when the vehicle comes into frame from the left.. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/726655/Front%20Yard%20Car%20-%20Thief%20Full%20Video-new.avi
  11. varascope

    Problems with PTZ

    Are the other 2 PTZs Pelco Spectra as well? Are you running daisy chain or star topology? Are there any terminators on the other PTZs? I assume your using a rs232-485 converter? Do you have am independent ptz keyboard to try?
  12. varascope

    WD Announces Purple Surveillance Line

    Anyone interested please PM me your email address and I can send a bulk email when I have the answer. Distribution will be limited to start and not expected in retail stores.
  13. varascope

    Problems with PTZ

    When you boot the Spectra what shows on the screen? I assume your rebooting after each change? Do you have other cameras on here? Com port is correct?
  14. varascope

    Video Enhancement

    I ran a first pass enhancement and it appears 3608 or 360P as the last 4. 1. What is your license plate scheme in Puerto Rico? How many max characters and any pattern like 3 letters 4 numbers 2. What is the character color? Dark Blue, Black etc? I'm having a difficult time on the left side to determine if those are letters or does the plate have a graphic behind it. Can you post a photo from the DMV site that is that style?
  15. varascope

    WD Announces Purple Surveillance Line

    MSRP is comparable to the RED version. The AV drives flopped for surveillance due to the Green firmware they were using. I think this is the side by side answer to the SV35 by Seagate. The 3 Year warranty is a plus as they reduced wrranty periods on much of their line over a year ago. As soon as it arrives I am going to test Black vs Red vs Purple and see how speed, reliability on playback and heat factor out.
  16. varascope

    Coax vs CAT-5/6

    Not entirely true, Coax has more options and a higher throughput at longer distances. Unless you using baluns, network cable have the distance limitation of 328ft before needing a repeater. Using coax and HDCVI for example 1500ft.
  17. We really need all makes and models of all parts to see if there is a known issue. 1. Can you try half the cameras connected first? Is there any difference or is the same ting happening. 2. If so, are they on the same switch or doesn't matter? Can you try as many cameras you can on one switch, leaving the other disconnected. 3. What is the firmware version of your Viostar? 4. Are your switches managed or un-managed. If you use a managed switch the Viostar has load balancing using 802.3ad. Based on the symptoms I am leaning toward firmware or the switches. If anything has packet flood detection on, it is possible that it is mistaking the video traffic as flooding and temporarily shutting down the ports. Next time the cameras go down, look athe switch it is plugged in to. Is it flashing, solid or off? Same for the Viostor. Can you provide a network discovery map? I the firmware is up to date, I would do a factory reset and start from scratch in case you made too many changes. Where are you located?
  18. Do you have a keep alive or listening setting? If he camera has constant motion in front of it, does it still disconnect? Does it require licensing? Some NVRs timeout if no valid license is found. The QNAP Surveillance station comes with 1 by default. What model are your running Viostor on? Check out Page 86 http://eu1.qnap.com/Surveillance/Manual/VioStor_NVR_User_Manual_V4.1.1_ENG_20130911.pdf
  19. varascope

    understanding camera info

    @ Joseph The IMX chipset regardless of the claimed TVL looks impressive and should not be discounted. When the 600TVL cameras came out a few were good and other I thought a 480tvl camera "Looked better" Live view, compression and resolution play a large part. Even your monitor makes a difference. I find some cheap LCDs have dry look while other make the image pop. Testing on a CCTV tube monitor I think give a richer effect. IMX shows promise as the best bang for the buck in that market segment. @Kawboy Finally a breath of fresh air. Someone that understand a camera for a specific function NOT one camera fits all. Control ingress and egress (choke points) and you should be 90% there. Controlling lighting and angles is the next.
  20. varascope

    Getting professional products

    It all comes down to support and what you are looking for. If you are a small operation and want a "Backend" disributor that helps with customer issues, port forwarding, remote assistanc etc. If you have you own dedicated support in house then it comes down to level 2 support and support hours. Some distributors what you say in English and what they decipher in Chinese comes back to you in Chinglish leaving you more confused than when you first called. The other is getting the "Well it should work." My problem with ADI, especially the Kentucky System Engineering guys is that they recommend only waht they are comfortable with. I tested the theory once by calling, already knowing the answer, and asked what is the most economical fiber converter. They gave a make and model that was $800 more than the product I already knew was in stock and comparable. When I mentioned the alternate product, they typed it in and found it then. I see it on camera recommendations as well so it leaves me to believe depending on who answers the phone, you are getting personal opinions from people that have not installed what they are selling. It goes to teaching an old dog new tricks. IT is very concerning as a manufacturer with a new product using ADI for distribution as they won't necessarily promote the best product for the job only what they are comfortable with. From a distributor stand point and even as a dealer I think it is important to have a bit of neutrality in recommending products. Finding the best product for that particular job should be top priority. Yes increases learning time but makes you a very powerful company. This is a big reason I don't recommend the pre-packaged systems with all the same type of cameras expecting that they all suit the environment they are being installed in. How many people complain about identification on an image yet use a 2.8mm lens and want a 100ft distance identification of a face or license plate? So in conclusion, finding professional products and a distributor that recognizes all of the above, in my opinion, is the most important.
  21. I apologize, the light just went on. I understand the concept your showing but I think our terminology is different. When I hear real time I am assuming you are getting updates, at least, from the .jpg images. If your grabbing a snapshot and the page loads you are getting the most recent at the time of page load? Am I correct? Then are you invoking the Foscam to take a snapshot (Single Frame) as a jpeg then copying to your server and when your page loads it calls upon that image? Does the Foscam store that snapshot at all on SD or a temp buffer until you download? How many images does the server hold or does it purge? The part I had a hard time wrapping my head around is why you would post a single frame on a page vs a live stream.
  22. varascope

    HD capacity calculation

    Using Internet Explorer go to http://nationalsecuritytech.com/tools/calc Works in Chrome but has an issue with dropdowns.
  23. That is my point. "displaying a "Real-Time" image of your IP Camera" In the OPs example you know the URL to the camera and the port of the source. But your displaying a refreshed JPG image. This is at least 8 years old using this method. The last sentence is the part I am trying to say, you can display the live image so everyone CAN SEE yet completely hide the source (IP address or url it came from), hide username, hide password and hide the display method. The stream possibly could be encrypted itself but by simply encrypting the method alone protects your source. In the OPs method using CGI doesn't hide the source. If a hack attempt was to be made, 90% of the information needed is displayed. 1. We know the Make 2. We know the model 3. We know the IP 4. We know the Port. With a port scanner since we have the IP we can further check other open ports. 5. We can also see the JS and the structure So how is this protecting anything? User and password Yes but that is just a speed bump. What I posted was the code on a website that does display images. Depending on the level during compile you would be lucky to even see that. Let me find a URL I can put up a demo video that you can try to reveal anything. I will also try to find an older machine that we have .jog images on as well and post both on there. I think live video over refreshed images is better any day. Now I would like to know if this is truly as secure as I think it is. Our coders have ego ballons that occasionlly I like to pop.
  24. Ever play the game called Bull...t? I'm calling it here. Code can be encrypted as shown below. Further more, inside the code we can add additional code that viewing source is not allowed AND made almost impossible to decipher. Additional we can encrypt the code with bonding specific to a URL. You should not be able to copy the code and run it on your site to sniff any user/password data. You will receive a 404 page not found error. For testing purposes, I would challenge anyone to tell what url this came from and any pertinent information. If you have a website now that has streaming from your IP camera working, PM me and I will encrypt it for you to see if it works on your site. This is not for all members, just the OP to show it is possible.