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  1. Outreach

    Best PTZ camera brand

    I'm looking for a cost-efficient PTZ camera as well! Any advice from you pros?
  2. Outreach

    Best Angle

    Hi there! I recently found this site and realized that it's perfect for me! I own a convenience store and am looking for a camera with a particularly wide angle on a budget of about $70. I currently use a Swann based camera. I'm hoping that the camera could be compatible with this CameraFTP service( http://www.cameraftp.com/CameraFTP/Support/Support.aspx ). Any advice for a camera with this angle of view and price?
  3. Outreach

    Viewing CCTV over cloud

    For my store, I use an app called CameraFTP, which uploads the video content to Cloud. I highly recommend it, since a number of convenience stores in my area have been robbed, but the security tapes have been stolen, which renders the purpose of a security camera useless. I've used CameraFTP for about two weeks now, and it's working quite fine!