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  1. A cctv camera appears faulty, it shows a band at the bottom of the picture. I attach a picture showing the camera and fault. 2nd block down and 2nd in (i.e. middle block) The faulty picture shows on all good connections, accordingly it is the camera not the wiring to that camera. BTW the camera was given to me a couple of days ago, I was also given a second same specification camera and that works excellently. I have tried all camera types available to my DVR i.e. TVI, CVI AHD and auto for this faulty camera; the good one works on auto & AHD Is this bottom band problem a known fault or is it simply a faulty piece of electronics that should be thrown away.
  2. quintain1

    Power Distribution 18CH box

    I am learning something new from each of your excellent replies; again thank you. BTW I accept I am an idiot when I / we are discussing power boxes BUT if ever I can help you on matters of Self Build HDeveloepment UK, I have a little more knowledge. www.floshmeadowsselfbuild.co.uk The Very long Ebay link is, (with many more boxes shown towards the ebay page bottom) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/364261592079?hash=item54cfaecc0f:g:EaEAAOSwJ8FgZZ9O&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA8D%2BVXUXQqi%2BHlFCw8wWec63MOcvvX%2BsxEDG6UKSDwOabc7qeiDuZtRKh8GpYVcMxvGzFfeE5IpEkJgBBVNYlwk6uAuZeLCVAZmbEbKxL8n%2FqRqKgbn5RlVJlBYnqqHQJcNEHDSaM3JBAS9IWVExFoQgUHigBiFcy7aSU8dmP%2BcNn3djEN1fL9NCFb4ICVKEn97VX7V0aAu2D%2BYUCg4WeGdDRwBM0C45Hlq211STlUWQ%2BEh2XEHREV2lHOzd0quyZmFZyy09q3BwvxHjBbFDYmmjBA1FrL6EqJyidVWeprMDt3YDhLgo4SO6aJP6Lqv2JqQ%3D%3D|tkp%3ABFBM2L3V4pJi
  3. quintain1

    Power Distribution 18CH box

    Hi again and thank you. I will consider 2 x 8CH as your idea is sensible. I am using your advice of 1 -1.5A per channel. 16CH x 1.5A =24A......................8CH x 1.5A = 12A, I may chance a 10A power box but probably go for a 20A box However budget wise, I see on Ebay I can buy a 18CH 30A power box for around £30.00 This is my budget. When checking for power boxes; I also see that perhaps I can replace the power unit within my present box with a universal Power Adapter Transformer, DC 12V 20A Regards Richard
  4. quintain1

    Power Distribution 18CH box

    Thanks Integrator. I will consider 2 x boxes BUT the available space will be a problem. My budget is always going to be as low as possible for a decent unit. Can you supply a box, if so please give me a price; maybe by private message Do I need to push the amps up i.e. should I buy 10-20 or 30 amp unit(s)
  5. Please forgive my layman's questions. I need to purchase a 12v power distribution 18Ch box for my 16 hard wired cameras (large house...large gardens, some self build plots we are developing) Most boxes on Amazon/Ebay offer either 10a or 20a or 30a with subsequent price increases 1. what is the recommended amperage 10/20/30a and why...I wish to keep the purchase price as low as possible 2. are the distribution boxes designed so that each channel supplies 12v to each camera; obviously with a smallish reduction due to cable length/efficiency