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  1. The Eng_P in the filename indicates it's English, PAL.
  2. Can you please share your configuration? I've been trying for two days to get that same camera with the same firmware to store video/images on FTP with no success. The folders are created but they are empty, which means the FTP setup should be correct, directory permissions too. I've tried both windows and linux, pure-ftpd on debian and filezilla on windows 7. The email works ok, I'm only getting one snapshot though. Thanks very much technologs and everyone!
  3. thnx! it works! I upgraded it with the "General_IPC-HX3(2)XXX_Eng_P_V2.211.0000.0.R.20130726.bin" file which I downloaded from this thread. EDIT: btw, based on the pdf posted here with instructions on how to make serial cable and TFTP connection, I could try un-bricking my 2104 NVR - if only I had the appropriate firmware for it (technologs are you reading this? Now that I think about it, I don't really need to have a firmware to make a tftp connection to the NVR .. I'll give it a go soon.
  4. Hi all, I just bricked my NVR I mentioned above. I'm sending it back anyway b/c of the chinese menu. Now I want to try upgrading the cameras, has anyone else tried upgrading a camera with chinese language firmware, with the english version posted here? I heard that the cameras with chinese cannot be upgraded to english firmware. Could that be true? P.S apologies for my poor english
  5. hello all, happy new year. I recently bought a DAHUA NVR, the DH-NVR2104-P model from china. Unfortunately, the menu is in Chinese, and I'm waiting a response from the seller. I'm aware of the risks of getting firmware elsewhere than the reseller, so does anyone here have a firmware in english? I've read the whole topic, all 26 pages of them, and the closest I could find is the NVR3xxx firmware but my model is not on that list. Thanks for your help