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  1. If they're not dahua cameras, that may be normal incompatibility. All of the cameras are Dahua 4300 or 4100 series cameras. As for the firmware updates, ill have to ask again. I asked the store I bought them from a few months ago and they said the cameras (4300 series) were new and didn't have any updates yet. @luckyfella- Definitely not a network issue lol!
  2. Exactly, I've already contacted the company I bought it from. They gave me the latest firmware but that didn't fix anything. If you notice on the cameras, you can set the anti-dither below 5, but you can't on the NVR. I'm currently waiting for them to get back to me.
  3. Currently I have a Dahua NVR 5208 with various 3MP cameras and 1.3 MP cameras and I am somewhat satisfied with it. The NVR is decent besides the fact that the motion detection is terrible. I can walk though the entire field of view of the camera and it won't record (this is with the MD as sensitive as it goes). If I were to do it again, I would probably use a PC with xprotect go on it. My friend is trying to put together an IP camera system, I was looking into the hikvision NVR and IP cameras for him. I would set up a PC for him, but that isn't gong to be practical. My question is, how reliable is the hikvision motion detection on their NVR's? I don't have a problem if it has a lot of false recordings, but I can't have it miss a real event. The NVR in question is the HK-7616NI-SE. Also, I couldn't seem to find this on the spec sheet, is the alarm output on the NVR normally closed or normally open? Thanks!
  4. I currently have 4 Dahua IP cameras running on a Dahua NVR 3208, two of them being the IPC-HFW4300S. I have noticed that sometimes the bit rate changes from the default 4096 to a customized bit rate between 5000-8000 by itself. This causes the video on the NVR to freeze randomly. When the video freezes, it can freeze between 5 to 20 seconds. In order to fix the problem, I have to log into the camera and reset it back to the default bit rate of 4096. Has anyone else had this problem? The software version is 2.210.0000.2.R, build : 2013-08-21 I have not observed this problem on the other two cameras, both of them are the 1.3 mp versions. (IPC-HFW4100S and IPC-HFW2100 S)
  5. Thank you for your reply. I know the RTSP port for the Dahua cameras is 554, however, I'm not looking for the port number. I'm looking for the RTSP path. For example, with the Logitech alert cameras, in order to connect to it via RTSP, you would have to enter something along the lines of this into VLC "http://192.168.1.xxx:/LowResolutionVideo. Where "LowResolutionVideo" would represent the RTSP path. In the Tux panel it asks for the RTSP path and I do not believe it will let me leave it blank. If I were to try to connect to these camera's with either Blue Iris or VLC, what would the RTSP setting be? If I had those settings I could probably make it work with the Tuxedo touch. Thanks.
  6. I just recently upgraded from Logitech Alert cameras to Dahua IP cameras. With the Logitech alert cameras, I was able to view the cameras stream from the tuxedo touch keypad using the RTSP stream. On the setup in the tuxedo touch, I would have to input the ip address along with the RTSP path. For example, the RTSP path for the Logitech alert camera would be /LowResolutionVideo. Does anyone know what the RTSP path for the sub stream on the Dahua cameras would be? Thanks.