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  1. Hey, I have uploaded the user guide of this camera with the schema how to install it. https://mega.co.nz/#!QY00mZ4b!zUy0Gp8PYGv6ezGue5vD1Bwa_6muNeNdSXrqVUJx_l0
  2. tibovdk

    Surveillance system at neighborhood entrance

    Maybe you should consider Point-to-point wireless to a near location where there is internet. Look at solutions like Fluidmesh, ubiquity or mikrotik.
  3. Have you tried to plug some cameras with a 12V power adapter to see if the problem can come from the powerbox?
  4. You should try to contact E-Castle for your problem. Sometimes there is procedure to reinstall a firmware from serial console on DVRs.
  5. tibovdk

    HDCVI video

    Seems good quality for a camera over RG59 cable. What length do you have ?
  6. tibovdk

    Dahua firmware

    No, you need NTSC firmware. Latest I can find on this forum : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5RXJz1sMJ9VWll1eldiajFXZDQ/edit?usp=sharing
  7. tibovdk

    HDCVI video

    What cable are you using ?
  8. tibovdk

    Dahua firmware

    Does it support IPC-HDB3200 Pal? I could not find compatibility list maybe I'll take a chance as "General_IPC-HX3(2)XXX_Eng_P_V2.211.0000.0.R.20130726" was compatible Yes it is compatible. You can take the name of the file as reference, and replace X by anything.
  9. Try this link for ConfigTool : and this link for PSS : http://www.dahuasecurity.com/download/General_PSS_Eng_IS_V4.06.12.R.130807.zip
  10. tibovdk

    Sony eyemax storm IP68

    Most of the time, such problems are because of the power source. Maybe you should check the balun at the other end? I also encountered this problem because of a bad ground wiring.
  11. tibovdk

    Dahua firmware

    Yes you can if it is a PAL version.
  12. tibovdk

    car reg plates

    On a 4CIF/D1 analog camera you'd need atleast a 15mm lens to be able to read a reg plate. But you will also need to well target the camera because the scene you will capture will have a width of 10 feet.
  13. Hi guys, I have came accross the new eco savvy cameras from DAHUA. These cameras are embedded with an Ambarella chipset (I guess it was Texas Instrument before), the same chipset that we can found into GoPro cameras for example. They are saying that they can reduce bandwidth usage by 50% with this new chipset, for example 1080p@25fps will consume 4 Mbps instead of 8 Mbps on previous models. Does some of you have been able to test that ? Is it really true ?
  14. Hi tdenson, Yes it is possible. You need to do the following things : - Configure the Alarm Event. You need to check "Alarm Upload" and "Record Channel" for the channels you want to have the video file. - Allow Alarm in the "Schedule" for the days and hours you want the alarm triggers. - Configure the FTP server (also called NAS in the Web interface). You need to allow Alarm in the "Time Period" for each channels you want to receive a video file.