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  1. SCREAM - Found it..... it's a issue with the Firmware not including a DATE Header in the email and my default SMTPD config checking for basic headers Error Message in log file 2014-01-30 23:53:02.504585500 22441 552 Mail with no Date header not accepted here. Anyone know how to report this to HikVision?
  2. Here's some screen captures of the config, maybe someone can spot something the upload to FTP and Trigger (record) are both working but not email I have tried it with and without authentication (the internal server works both ways for internal clients) The record schedule is set Any thoughts anyone..... for me the email notification is important Cheers Phil
  3. yep, as I said in the first post two cheap PTZ cams i have on the same network happily send emails to my internal mail server. No SSL required as it's all internal behind the firewall. Mail server has an internal IP of 192.168.x.x and accepts email from all 192.168.x.x/24 connected devices. The new HIK cams are on the same /24 subnet. All email is only going to the internal domain and is being delivered internally with no forwarding outside to the big wide world. Without the ability to send a test email, i can't tell if it is a firmware bug or a pure idiot configuration issue. Screenshots when i get home Phil
  4. Yes it is configured and the send email is checked. Motion detect itself is obviously working as it records to the NAS. it just fails to send emails. I can post screen shots of the config screens if that helps when i get home later today. Should have done it first but wasn't thinking clearly after 4 frustrating hours. Why can't they build in a simple test email button so we can at least confirm email is setup correctly? Phil
  5. Help Please, Searched the forum but don't see this anywhere. Bought Hikvision (chinese) 2732 and 2632 units. They shipped with 5.1 firmware installed. All setup and testing using Chrome. Have one of each set up on a test bench to get the basics configured before setting them up outside. Got motion detection set up, both are recording the events to the Freenas NFS share yet can't get email working at all. The email server is all internal on the network so it's not a firewall issue. Both the sending account and receiver are getting email alerts from a couple of cheap PTZ cams and i've used the identical accounts. I've wiresharked the traffic and can see no evidence that either unit is even trying to establish a connection let alone send an email. Just what am i missing? Cheers Phil
  6. Hi, Brand new to this forum and probably one of the very few topics here that i'm qualified to chime in on. Long experience runing Low Voltage DC lighting. Please do not rely on voltage drop on the cable to provide the final end voltage as the no load voltage will be way out of spec and any additional draw will cause excess voltage drop. I would inject 36v DC at the source and then use a DC-DC convertor to drop it to 12V at the far end, this is a common one from ebay. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DC-DC-Converter-Regulator-8V-40V-Step-Down-12V-3A-36W-/280735822879?pt=AU_B_I_Electrical_Test_Equipment&hash=item415d28b41f#ht_2773wt_1124 48V input ones are available as well just a bit harder to find. Doing to it this way will mean about 800mA of draw on the 1100' run leading to a better more stable DC voltage at the far end due to the DC-DC convertor. Cheers Phil