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  1. I need system design for lightning protection for outdoor cameras on metal poles. Drawings and explanations will be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Inexpensive VMS software for 140 IP cameras needed (ONVIF-compatible). Thanks
  3. I need to connect 150 IP cameras to 8 CISCO switches (24 port POE). I also need to be able to view all the cameras remotely via internet. Pls which cisco switches will you recommend? I don't know if the SMB switches SF300 or SF500 will be ok. I also need to confirm if 2960X will be ok as a sort of "backbone" Any contribution will be appreciated.
  4. Hello All, I am about installing our CCTV network. I have 136 cameras to deploy to 8 buildings. Most of the buildings are about 10 Meters from each other. Pls help verify my design as follows: -17 cameras (1080p) connects to each CISCO SF300-24P. Each of the SF300 in turn connects to the CATALYST 2960X. -Since the buildings are close, I use outdoor rated CAT6 to connect the SF300 to the catalyst Switch. -I intend to also use the 2960X for L3 routing for remote viewing of the cameras. Any problems inherent? Looking forward to your reply
  5. I need to design a functional IP CCTV system for a high school. This system will cover eight buildings. Six buildings are very close (about 7meters apart), two are farther (about 120meters from the six clusters). We intend to install about 100 indoor cameras for classrooms, labs, library and staff rooms,. and about 20 outdoor types (static and PTZ). There will be 4 client systems. I need help as follows: 1. Server room design showing total no. of NVRs required and cable connections to patch panels and swithches and routers. 2. If we are not using any analog camera, is there any need for a decoder? 3. The school intends to have an optic fibre backbone, will the CCTV network not consume too much optic fibre bandwidth? If no, how can one link a CAT5E network to the optic backbone? Is it not advisable for the CCTV network to be a stand alone? Looking forward to a quick reply