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  1. Hillman

    650-4 can not take simple contact closure?

    Thanks CollinR, Yep, after reading more it came to light. I must of misread about the board, because I thought it took a contact closure direct. Because the motion sensor with the GeoVision board is so sensitive I can't use it in my garden to watch the critters. Any wind and it triggers , even with a lot of masking. I plan to use IR motion sensors strategically placed and aimed (I already have them) to turn on the recorder. That is why I will be using the contact closure.
  2. I thought the 650-4 could take a simple contact closure to intiate recording, but in reading it seems I need an additional I/O board. Am I missing something?
  3. Hillman

    Is there a 8.1 manual?

    Thank you very much. I am downloading it as I type this.
  4. Hillman

    Is there a 8.1 manual?

    Can't help on the manual but that slider is for fractional motion detection. Before you could only choose whole numbers, on the left that slider is .0 middle .5. It allows you to fine to MD to keep falses down. Thanks
  5. Hillman

    Is there a 8.1 manual?

    I have downloaded 8.1 and started using it, but I would like to know what some of the new features do. As an example, there is a small slider beside the Motion Detect on the camera tabs. I have no clue what it does. There are other screens and buttons that are new also. I have looked on the GeoVision web site and I have not been able to locate a manual download.
  6. Hillman

    Webcam Alarm Notify

    I just found out the "pop up" and sound alerts on the Webcam client do not work with Internet Explorer 7.0. I doubt it was your problem since your post predates IE7.0 but I wanted to let folks know. GeoVision is aware of it and I will update the post when I hear back about a fix or work around.
  7. Thanks for the tip. I asked the seller and he replied "not for burial". I have since found someone to provide the direct burial cable. Thank you again.
  8. Anyone know an internet source for direct burial RG59 Siamese cable in lenghts less than 1000 or 500 Ft. I need about 200 feet max and all I can find is 500 and 1000 foot rolls. There are no local (within 60 miles) sources I can drive too. Thanks.
  9. Hillman

    Anyone build their own IR Illuminators?

    Nevermind I found this thread. http://www.cctvforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=4619&highlight=illuminator
  10. I was wondering if anyone has built their own IR illuminators? The electronics for them seems pretty straight forward and simple. I haven't priced the correct LEDs to see if prices for constructed units are close to build it yourself, but I figure if the price differential was big enough it might be a fun weekend project.
  11. Well, after reading and taking the advice of others here I have decided on the Extreme WZ18 for the garden. For $325 it has everything I want with high quality. http://www.extremecctv.com/product_detail.php?producttype_id=10&page=1&product_id=181 I have also abandoned the wireless route to the gate and opted for an alternate location for the camera so the cable run will be more like 60 feet. I not yet selected the camera but I am close to deciding on it. I also decided to go with the Geovision GV-650-4 (60FPS) since I plan to add at least one more cameras in the future. My goal was to keep the current solution under $1000 and it looks like I will make it thanks to everyone's help and advise. Thanks folks!!
  12. I am looking at the Pelco MC3651h ftp://www.pelco.com/ProductSpecs/Pelco_MC3651H-2_Series_B-W_Camera_spec.pdf I notice in the spec sheet it says (LENS AND MOUNT NOT SUPPLIED WITH CAMERA). Do I understand this correctly? I buy the camera and I have to buy the lens separate. If I go with their 1/3" 8mm F1.2 DC Auto-Iris CS-Mount it will give me a wide angle of view. Width of view =Distance X Image sensor value (1/3=4.8mm)/ Focal Length 100 feet out from camera ( farthest end of garden) X 4.8/8= 60 ft width at back of garden. Is that correct?
  13. Hi CSG, Power is already at the gate to operate the gate opener and the PC is already in the shop connected to the house LAN. The ONLY reason I want wireless is I don't want to have to run another cable. My soil/ground is particularly rocky..so much so every other shovel scoop will hit a rock. It takes about 3 times as long and 4 times the effort to bury a cable in my soil as it does in normal soil, but if wireless technology is so inferior then I may bury a cable. I will read some more. Thank you.
  14. Thanks of all the help! I have attached a jpeg file with the layout. No visible line of sight to gate due to vegetation and elevation drop. A wireless antenna on top of the gate post will provide "almost( through top of vegetation) " line of sight to receiver on shop. If I have to I can run wire to gate but I would really like to avoid that. No overhead power lines. Would you consider this camera a "junk wireless setup"? http://www.avtechsolutions.com/vavslr2-kt.htm Garden cam will be mounted about 20 feet high with clear view garden. Garden starts at shop and expands out about 100 ft x 100 ft. I don't really care about rabbits mostly want to see deer and bears.
  15. Well I was hoping to stay under $1000. I guest-a-mate 1. Geovision GV-600-4 ~ $200 2. Gate Camera has to be outdoor and wireless ~ $300 3. Garden Camera has to outdoor ~ $500 I am open to suggestions and guidance.