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  1. Hi, I thought if I purchase a 4K now, it will save me upgrading to another NVR later on, if i decide to purchase some 4K cameras. I have one 6MP also, I thought this would only play on a 4k NVR?
  2. Hi, Can anyone suggest a half decent 4k POE NVR (4port) for around £200 for home use, I've only ever had one swan cctv system, and would like to upgrade to a POE network system, but find some of the NVR's difficult to understand - some saying will record up to 4k, some saying full 4K. I have a Dahua 6MB with mic turret cam for rear of house, and I'm planning on buying two 4 or 5 MB cams for front. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. geordieonline


    Hi, I'm interested in learning more about the different cctv systems out there. I've had a swann home system for little over three months and also find myself being asked to download footage from various systems which at times are difficult for a non technical guy like myself.