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  1. I reviewed my post to find i had typed over my text Anything over 25' in an exposed run to wifi radio... The D-tech unit is effective but at $800.00 definitely brisk price! but so was my FLUKE DTX
  2. Bosch D-Tect150 D-Tect Wallscanner This is what I have on my truck!!! I rented one for a few jobs, then bought one best $800.00 spent -concrete -wood I get reads up to 8" detects low/high, water, ferrous and non-ferrous! For any run over 25' using POE use shielded cable...ESPECIALLY Outdoors... whether in a conduit or not, if it gunna be in a wet situation use the gel fill... It will save your ass every time.. As far as extenders use a NEMA-4 rated outdoor enclosure and lots of silicone PROTIP: if you run in a conduit RUN two cables and a PULL line >> always pays off
  3. Did you use Cat5e solid copper or CCA? How long estimated was the run? Type/style of Balun was used (RX/TX)? Are you able to access another camera and switch the DOA camera unit for a known working one? try swapping channels (working with a NON-working one) My hunch is it is a CAMERA units malfunction not a DVR/ software issue...
  4. I have seen a few options using stanchions + Mail boxes.. I have a few mail box camera mounts as well as 8" (ID) round stock pole with Lighting unit mounted on top...
  5. Just now getting the first round of YES votes by HOA.. after 10 hours of "talking" with axis.... they said go with the Axis-1765-LE awaiting the new product line so that i can get a working model and play with it... chose the ubiquity m5 loco more detailed pics to come as the project rolls forward....
  6. jjp2014

    Please Help or Give Advice for 64 IP Camera System

    IMO: If you have questions on being able to deliver a working solution than opt out of the project... A. upgrade cameras + Infrastructure If you dont upgrade it all you WILL have warranty issues, despite what the previous contractor did or didnt do! Also just because they have 64 camera units doesn't mean you cannot get away with less units... IE: Better quality image, better locations, new technology! PM me I got a few questions for you.
  7. jjp2014

    PTZ wiring

    depends on the DVR/NVR , and the joystick models...
  8. jjp2014

    Mini dome wall mount?

    model of the camera unit your trying to mount?
  9. Yes, 1 foot wide by 19" deep Place crushed gravel then conduit the sand and top soil.... compact it down the re-pour cement... I recommend that you place 1" bigger conduit than you need (future-proof)
  10. look into loco m5 .... its essentially a wireless Ethernet bridge axis has a few units that might work...
  11. What type of camera are you using... Picture of current mount location... I would say depending on the camera model, typically there is only 3 twisted pairs used allowing for 1 twisted pair to allocated for auxiliary use... IE: 568B pin1. Tx+ pin2. Tx- pin3. Rx+ pin4. NOT USED pin5. NOT USED pin6. RX- pin7. NOT USED pin8. NOT USED >>>>>POE will take over auxiliary pins<<<<<<< Depending on the POE injector dictates the pin assignments... Your mic will require at minimum (2) Twisted pairs.... http://www.current-logic.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=151 < might work never tested this unit.... POE SIDE: I would run cat6 from POE switch fan the twisted pair find what pairs are powered... using the above 568B pin-out which ever pair is not used remove from crimp on both sides... Then assign that pair to the Mic audio send [should be (2) twisted pairs] CAMERA SIDE: Run the cat6 to a Work box: (2) Twisted pairs should be loose -(1) pair will be POE -(1) pair will be mic audio In work box: split the POE pair to the 48vdc input side of converter, continue the 48 VDC POE pair to the camera... pull wire from the 12vdc side of the converter to the microphone unit.... split the Mic audio pair off and patch to microphone audio sends.. - - - - - - - - - Hope this makes sense..... Its POURING rain here in California and I just worked a 15 hour day....in the rain ...
  12. Anybody use, used or installed a XPROTECT-NVR 16ch system ???
  13. Had a similar experience, we the manufacture asked us to reverse the pair and both sides of the connection... That helped a little bit.. we ended up re pulling STP ... that solved all issues PITA tho
  14. jjp2014

    Desperately need help with project

    I agree with varascope... Try another source for audio... ipod works... just see if the connections are working ... then add the camera unit..