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  1. What did you think of this NVR? Was it easy to use? How was the interface? I'm looking at purchasing one. Why did you choose Hikvision over Dahua?
  2. jsmit

    IP camera project, help please

    Better then Dahua? HIK standalone NVR and HIK camera and u done very hard to beat price and quality
  3. jsmit

    IP camera project, help please

    And would this customer give the company you worked for more referrals? For making a project longer then it had to be? What company is this you speak of?
  4. Anyone use this NVR? Is it true it can support Motion detection on both Dahua & Hikvision cameras? So this means you can use both Dahua & Hikvision cameras on one system? Thanks.
  5. jsmit

    HD-SDI Images & Demo

    Excellent image. I think its better then the 3MP Hikvision domes we are using.