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  1. Hi we are wanting to get into the POS integration with LTS but have not had much help from them. My business partner and I have extensive POS backgrounds and we can get the data from the registers fine with converters etc but how do we strp out the control characters that come with the printer data In the POS setup within the LTS (Hikvision) DVR/NVR. There seems to be a bit lacking in the how to actually set it up department. All info says they do it, shows a sample but no actual details. Or does it only work on simple text only POS systems. Any help appreciated.
  2. What are the best baluns to use for HD TVI on cat5/cat6. My research leads me to only use the pushdown or screw termination type (and not to use RJ45 connections) for the video signal with 1 maybe 2 pair and the remaining 2 or 3 pairs used for power to separate power terminations. Also what is practical maximum distance of cable run. Is testing a long run still in a box as good as testing a rolled out length of cable i.e. does a coiled box of cable have any affect on testing? Please no IP vs TVI replies, that is not what I am asking. Thanks...
  3. We are trying to integrate LTS NVRs with some POS. We are from IT and POS background and have been installing LTS for the last year or so but want to get into the POS integration more. The LTS Videos etc show whats involved from the camera side but appear a bit lite on from whats actually involved from the POS side. Where are you? Any chance of contacting you by phone to have a chat? We are in Australia.
  4. mrlew

    TVI Standalone UTC Controller

    Apart from being enabled, what settings are there? I somewhere that Hikvision uses Pelco C adaptive what ever that is but I don't see that on the DVR
  5. Is there such a thing as a standalone UTC Controller for TVI DVRs for controlling the OSD on TVI cameras? Is the UTC "protocol' (for want of a better word) standard or does it change with manufacturer of the TVI DVRs I have a mix of Hikvision & TVT TVI DVRs and am trying their own cameras on each other's system they work well but I can't bring up the OSD via the usual "Iris+ in the PTZ Controls". Just investigating standardising a camera for spares. thanks
  6. mrlew

    Dome Camera Base Extension

    Thanks for the reply yes I have been searching on google for boxes but just wondered if there was a purpose made beast out there. Re the camera link yes one of my cameras is similar but still not enough room to "stuff" all in the base.
  7. Is there such a thing on the market that allows a dome camera to be mounted to a generic round base extension for hiding the camera "tail" that is so comon with a lot of cameras today. Ordinarily this "tail" for the connections can be hidden in the ceiling or hollow wallspace but if on a metal or concrete surface an additional junction box of some description needs to be installed. Either that or some sort ready made box that a dome could be mounted on. Round or square preferably in a size similar to a larger dome or smaller dome base diameter as the case may be. Thanks
  8. mrlew

    outdoor wireless infrared?

    External infrared is probably not the way to go. It will only have a certain range of the leds and will attract bugs etc. Look for a low lux camera. You then see longer distance via existing ambient light ie starlight, moon or light coming from house. PM me and I can point you to some suppliers (and no I am not one)