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  1. This hard drive has been in continuous service since 2012 so I found a replacement that looks to be the same model and ordered it. It's a 1TB "Green Power" and when I click on the devices menu on my SWANN DVR, it won't show up. I took it apart, reconnected it and it will briefly spin-up but it then judders to a halt. Anyway, I happen to have a WD10EZEX 1TB "WD Blue" drive so I pulled the jumper from the old drive (on pins 5 & 6) and put it on pins 5 & 6 on the WD10EZEX, attached the SATA connectors and there was some spin-up with arm activity, but the DVR would not recognize it. Is there a different jumper configuration for the WD "Blue" drive or should I just wait for the replacement to arrive (10 days out)? Any advice would be welcome.
  2. Phoenixgreg

    Stand alone Ptz ip camera

    Oddly, I was considering a PTZ camera for my surveillance system too and noticed yours looks similar to the one I've been researching. I have a Swann 8 camera (wired) DVR system and after speaking with Swann Tech support, they claim only their cameras will work with their DVR systems. What I want is to add an AUTO-TRACKING PTZ camera similar to yours to my system, but Swann does not make such a PTZ camera. So if I'm reading your post correctly, you can configure the PTZ camera thru your Wi-Fi on your router? Is there some additional software that works with Windows to do this configuring (i.e. a CD with software that came with the camera)? Based though on your experience, I'm thinking of backing away from one of these AUTO-TRACKING PTZ cameras.
  3. Update: here's a YouTube video showing the problem more clearly. http//:www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ArQM8Fe-NY&list=PL1WRcACD7tqZrk2O4JU7DBr1qj8HecUST Sorry, BBcodes are not working here so to see the video, copy the URL above and paste it in your browser's address bar to view it.
  4. Here are my Swann DVR’s specifications: Firmware update file: DVR84000DM8147.0131.779.676.10.2.nor.sw.S300.pak Firmware Version: TNMB01 DVR model #: SWDVK-840008 D1 Realtime H.264 DVR When I took the firmware upgrade from the tech support representative on 01/09/2014, I was very pleased with many new features that had been a problem with the OEM software. It’s still not perfect but the DVR’s features were greatly improved over the initial version. It didn’t occur to me to test out the remote control, but a day after the upgrade, I tried it and the DVR would not respond to it. When I called tech support back, they denied the firmware could cause any problems and they tried to sell me a new remote which I declined. I found a trick on the web as to how to test a remote control by aiming it at a digital camera in the dark, sure enough, the remote emits a blue light to the camera when I pressed any of the buttons on the remote – so the remote is fine. What I believe happened now is the IR sensor in the DVR’s face has been disabled somehow by the firmware. Note: the front panel buttons and mouse still work perfectly, also the password function has NOT been enabled on the system. Here’s what I’ve tried to no avail: 1) Pressed the “0” key on the remote followed by the menu button – no response from remote 2) Held the remote almost next to the IR sensor – still no response from remote 3) Tried rebooting the DVR using the “Factory Default” button on the maintenance screen. Again, no response from the DVR via the remote after the reboot. I don’t know how to get back to the original OEM software to prove it’s the latest firmware. It seems once you take a firmware update – that’s it. Has anyone else with a Swann 8 camera DVR experienced this after a firmware upgrade or does someone have a solution to restore the IR sensor? Thanks in advance for any advice that would be helpful.