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  1. I have the following task to perform:1: To mount 2 cameras with audio - easy task2. To be streamed live on the website of the municipality - 3. To have a calendar on this web page / Embedding scripts , CSS, HTMS and etc....will be done by the site programmers, I am asked for a streaming solution / from which to choose to display recordings from the cameras - such as NVRAny ideas how to get it done. I have targeted the OBS studio software to stream both cameras to the web host company. Any other better ideas.
  2. Does anyone know a good processing software for downloaded files from the recorder records. Software for video processing or photo processing to clean up the image and improve the quality of the file.
  3. I have clients who have one or two network cameras for them is not profitable to buy NVR + HDD and want to provide a service similar to that site https://www.angelcam.com/ a kind of web nvr. With a symbolic fee per month number camera to be able to monitor their cameras and live recordings from the cameras. Does anyone know how to do (with what software) this flexible system for selecting the term (desired number of days recording camera reading system traffic, etc.)
  4. So far, I work with Hikvision products and want to explore Dahua IP cameras. After much searching in wwww.google.com I not found code name rules in Dahua IPC cameras. Series cameras, resolution, what they mean every number in the name and letters / PAL, NTSTS, audio, wifi, tf card slot and etc.../. How to differ Chinese model from the rest. Does multilanguage version as with Hikvision cameras. Can anybody help?
  5. I have two cameras Hikvision 1. DS-2CD3210D-I5 and 2.DS-2CD3312D-I connected toNVR / not Hikvision /. Both cameras have firmware 5.1.0. I want to set the system to record only when motion DETECTION and sending email to my account in Gmail. Where do settings and wich / areas of detection, sensitivity, for sending email - email server, port, username and etc./ 1. Only NVR 2.NVR + cameras 3 ....... Please someone with experience to explain ?
  6. Anyone can give solution to NVR, to record 8 channels each for 3mpx. The system would build with Hikvision cameras, model - DC-2CD3232-I5 /8pcs/.
  7. Thank you for your answers. System which I asked the above question to support a large number of cameras 20 and up. Milstone software is good, has features that are not available for any NVR, but to make an example calculation: 1. for 8 cameras license Milestone about 392 USD/8*49/ + price PC, but DS-7608NI-SE from Aliexpress /http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Hot-DHL-Free-Shipping-Alarm-System-8CH-UP-To-5MP-Hikvision-NVR-DS-7608NI-SE-P/1703017808.html/ to Bulgaria is 217 usd. 2. For 16 cameras - things are the same. In what situation is software Milstone is financially viable ? I would like to ask a PC system with Milestone, how many cameras can operate at 1.3Mp / natural depends on the parameters of the computer for example as a quad core CPU 8 GB ram. and etc. / with normal stress.
  8. NVR budget is around 600-1000 dollars /and possibly more depending on the options offered/. Camera to be used only Hikvision models - DS-2CD3232D-I5, DS-2CD3212D-I5, DS-2CD3210D-I5 - and so economical series. The main activity of NVR will be customer records and streeming to their. With names and passwords to access your own records and Live view. I can not turn on the monitor to the system / not to load additional /. If there is extra NVR for mobile application will be fine. Suggest good software for NVR or something ?
  9. Hello, I got the idea - customers to purchase IP cameras, and I would suggest NVR service-a kind of surveillance hosting / I will work with Hikvision cameras /. Can anyone offer as idea, what solution is good for starters - PC based NVR ot hardware NVR - maintain more cameras and to maintain a resolution of 1.3 to 3mpx. WHAT IS THE BEST SOLUTION ? The NVR only needs to keep records and streeming to clients and and managing customer access to their cameras. p.s. My idea is a NAS server + stream server installed to PC - THIS IS GOOD IDEA OR NO ?
  10. Can anyone tell me how to disassemble to perform installation Hikvision DS-2CD3312D-I /eyeball, turret/
  11. Please advise when choosing NVR to work with the following cameras 8 pcs Hikvision DS-2CD3232D-I5. These cameras are 3mpx and NVR and must be recorded with this resolution. The cameras are updated то firmware 5.1 / 3mpx - 20fps /. For now I am stopped at the NVR Hikvision 1. DS-7608NI-SE/P /in the description says 20Mbps in some stores other 40 Mbps. Nobody says how much are they? 2. DS-7616NI-SE/P - do this a better option because of the big band of 80mbps. pcs. I guess that the cameras will be monitored simultaneously by two remote locations. This is an important fact. What system do you recommend I do with fewer resources, so it is not NVR constantly busy and normal ?