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  1. herbertbauer

    Any UK Security Installer Respond Please

    Dude, there is no chance you will get a useful CCTV Mainenance Plan from posting in a public forum. These plans are "the holy grail" of CCTV installers everywhere, I just can say that from my experience. You could still try talking to people on a UK CCTV message board, maybe somebody is willing to send it to you via e-mail in private.
  2. herbertbauer

    cctv stills

    Hey flasecurity, Thanks for the images. Looks like a good setup. However, having worked as a video surveillance planner for the past 10 years, I can only advise you to choose the area your cameras are watching very wisely. It is not only necessary to think about where a potential burglar might come from or where he might enter the house, but also where he most likely would be caught on camera in (ideally) a full frontal shot. Without knowing the footprint of your house, I can only guess, but to me it looks like one of the two parking lot cameras should be relocated to some other place like another window or similar place which could be a potential entry point to your house. Just a thought!
  3. herbertbauer

    vandalized !

    Yep, that is true! I have done quite a bit of CCTV installation works for Government agencies, and they usually indeed order just the best of the best. Even in lots of public schools. I'm still not sure if the cameras are of any use there.
  4. herbertbauer

    CCTV Picture Quality

    Hi Tomislav, I've had some of these cameras in use in one of the public buildings I equip with CCTV systems. I sometimes had problems with the quality of the image sensors on some individual models. It was a problem in manufacturing and got my system provider to replace them. They worked like a charm after that!
  5. herbertbauer

    Film on CCTV in Britain

    Hey guys, I didn't know in which forum to post this, but I just ran over the website of a new documentary on CCTV in Britain. They got a trailer online: http://www.EveryStepYouTake.org What do you think? I don't think the topic will be handled very even-handed, but I'll give it a shot when it comes out. Herb