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  1. Hi, I use several Hikvicions cameras (DS-2CD2732F-IS and DS-2CD2232-I5) sin 2014. I have a lot of mp4 records, then I need to clean NAS partition. There is no command like "delete old records" on setup page, and it I can deleted via telnet : "Permission denied". How do you delete old records on NAS to save workspace ? Thank you.
  2. Thanks for the tip " title="Applause" /> I put values below in case someone is interested. Working on DS-2CD2732F-IS : ----------------------- Motion Detection => OK curl http://user:password@ip:port/MotionDetection/1 >resp.xml curl -T MotionDetection0.xml http://user:password@ip:port/MotionDetection/1 curl -T MotionDetection1.xml http://user:password@ip:port/MotionDetection/1 ----------------------- Face Detection => OK => plantage cam si modif xml + msg d'erreurs conflit curl http://user:password@ip:port/ISAPI/Smart/FaceDetect/1 >resp.xml curl -T FaceDetection0.xml http://user:password@ip:port/ISAPI/Smart/FaceDetect/1 curl -T FaceDetection1.xml http://user:password@ip:port/ISAPI/Smart/FaceDetect/1 ----------------------- Traversing Virtual Plane => OK => conflits face detect : traversing and virtual plane or intrusion curl http://user:password@ip:port/ISAPI/Smart/LineDetection/1 >resp.xml curl -T TraversingVirtualPlane0.xml http://user:password@ip:port/ISAPI/Smart/LineDetection/1 curl -T TraversingVirtualPlane1.xml http://user:password@ip:port/ISAPI/Smart/LineDetection/1 ----------------------- Intrusion Detection => OK curl http://user:password@ip:port/ISAPI/Smart/FieldDetection/1 >resp.xml curl -T IntrusionDetection0.xml http://user:password@ip:port/Smart/FieldDetection/1 curl -T IntrusionDetection1.xml http://user:password@ip:port/ISAPI/Smart/FieldDetection/1 --------------------- Scene change Detection => OK curl http://user:password@ip:port/ISAPI/Smart/SceneChangeDetection/1 >resp.xml curl -T SceneChangeDetection0.xml http://user:password@ip:port /ISAPI/Smart/SceneChangeDetection/1 curl -T SceneChangeDetection1.xml http://user:password@ip:port /ISAPI/Smart/SceneChangeDetection/1
  3. Hi, When I am at home, DS-2CD2732F-IS and DS-2CD2232-I5 Hikvision cameras send many alert mails. I am trying to enable/disable this by sending scripts to cameras. For exemple, you can stop "MotionDetection" like this : a/ CGI interface to configure get/configure motion detection : curl http://user:password@ipaddress/MotionDetection/1 >resp.xml b/ Edit the resp.xml file downloaded by that command (and save it as motionon.xml). c/ Change the top true to <enabled>false</enabled> and save to motionoff.xml. d/ Then send the command you want like this : curl -T motionoff.xml http://user:password@ipaddress:port/MotionDetection/1 or curl -T motionon.xml http://user:password@ipaddress:port/MotionDetection/1 But I dont't know how to drive other stuffs like : "IntrusionDetection", "SceneChangeDetection", "TraversingVirualPlane" and "FaceDetection" For example, this command doesn't work : curl http://user:pass@IP/SceneChangeDetection/1 >resp.xml % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed 100 198 100 198 0 0 8818 0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:-- 11000 cat resp.xml cat resp.xml <!DOCTYPE html> <html><head><title>Document Error: Not Found</title></head> <body><h2>Access Error: 404 -- Not Found</h2> <p>Can't locate document: /SceneChangeDetection/1</p> </body> Do you know how we can enable/disable other stuffs ? Thank you.
  4. OK. FYI, I asked Hikvision support without any answer yet.
  5. Hi, I don't know, I didn't try this firmware yet. Is the "NFS NAS" issue fixed on 5.1.6 ? Thanks.
  6. @cbx, FYI, I couldn't flash firmware, then I prefered to return cam for full refund. I will probably order DS-2CD-2732IS wich is less expensive, and works great here. Anyway, thanks for your help.
  7. LOL !!! Anyone could help me to find version for DS-2CD7283F-EIZHS ? Thank you.
  8. Hi, OK, no problem to try "same region fw", but I don't know where I can download chinese fw. Could you please give me ftp or url ? Thank you.
  9. Hi, I received a DS-2CD7283F-EIZHS from Ali-Express / v5.1.0 chinese firmware, english menu. Firmware is different than 2732, then Hikvision support gave me another string value to modify (for fixing NFS NAS issue). Unfortunately, I didn't find this value in davinci => I think I have previously install english firmware. I downloaded this firmware from here => http://www.hikvision.com/en/download_more.asp?id=1347 Problem, I can't flash with tftp method (as I usually did for my DS-2CD2732), it stops here : [2014-05-14 22:31:44] Device[] test tftpserver [2014-05-14 22:31:44] Connect client[] success [2014-05-14 22:31:44] Start file[C:\TFTP-Auto-Update\digicap.dav] transmitting [2014-05-14 22:31:54] Completed file[C:\TFTP-Auto-Update\digicap.dav] transmit Do you have an idea of the problem ? - Protection on this hardware from changing region firmware ? - File isn't compatible with this cam ? - Did I missed something ? If I can't fix NAS issue, I will return this materiel for refund. Thank you for your help !
  10. Hi, Good news ! Where this version could be downloaded ? Is there any other fix / improvement ? (I am waiting for NAS fix...) Thanks !
  11. Hi, I am interested by Hikvision DS-2CD7283F-EIZ(H) to monitor my garden : - motorized varifocal lens (from 92° to 36°) - very high resolution (up to 2560x1920) I am looking for feedback about this hardware. Anyone has tested this cam ? Do you have any url to point on a review ? Thank you.
  12. Hi, I tried find/replace in v5.1.2 it doesnt' work because I don't find this string in davinci : 5001D4C09DE52C00001A07005CE12A00001A => Did I missed something ?
  13. Hi, Thanks for the tips ! I think that "NFS workaround" isn't fixed in this firmware. Do you think the workaround (*) for 5.1 is working on this 5.1.2 ? Cheers ! (*) 5.1 Version search for the following hex string: 5001DCC09DE54900001A0B005CE14700001A and change it to 5001DCC09DE5000000000B005CE100000000