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  1. Give avigilon a try. I've tested the samsung wisenet camera on it and it works fine and it does support motion detection. Run an i3 or i5 with 4-8gb ram and 7200rpm sata drives and you'll be fine for 6 cameras. It will be a little more money per camera then blue iris. So, try both and see what you think, you can download a 30day trial from the link. ftp://ftp.avigilon.com/ACC/ACC_5.6.0.28/AvigilonControlCenterServer-
  2. Only way to know for sure is to download the 30day trial of ACC server and give it a shot with a brickcom camera. My understanding is only the Sony cameras with the immervision lens are supported via the native or onvif driver. OncamGrandeye cameras and the Axis M3007 can also dewarp in ACC 5.6
  3. just a troubleshooting step - what if you minimize all other client windows on the other 3 windows and just use 1 video panel on one monitor? When the one video panel is full screen it is sending the high res stream which could be probably 4-12mbps of data but that should be nothing with the system you are running. i'm with ssmith what are the stats in performance monitor? inc network bandwidth, memory, cpu, disk, etc.. i'm assuming you are using 7200rpm sata drives and server in client settings is set to LAN and not WAN. also, has it ever worked fine and now just twitching? and lastly - i'd probably call avigilon tech support to open up a case and let them help out.
  4. can you post a link to the an .ave export showing the twitching? when changing the display settings even set to med. or low there is no change? or high? how long is the cable run to the ptz? is it a single cat5e/6 or going over coax or what? how much total incoming bandwidth is coming in to the server? oh and just remembered something - which version of ACC 4.x ? i remember versions previous to 4.10 there was some latecy issues with PTZ's and this was improved with version 4.12 which if you are not running you can download for free and update. also, if you purchased your ACC 4.x licenses and activated them after Sept. 2012 you are entitled to a free upgrade to ACC 5.x which i would highly recommend. upgrading is easy and i can explain how if you want. eric
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    Beginner Questions

    let me see if I can assist a little and I am not promoting or endorsing any link I post just simply doing some quick googling to give you some info links. Q's: 1- How to know from the datasheet of the camera if it's analog or digital? If the camera has only a BNC Coax port it's analog, if the resolution states 420TVL, 540TVL, 600TVL, D1, 4CIF, 960H, SDI, TVI, CVI, AHD it's analog. 720P (1 megapixel-mp), 1080p (2mp), 3mp, 5mp, 8mp (4K), etc.. are going to be IP and they will have an Ethernet RJ45 connection on them 2- Is this a model of camera or a company ( NKF )? What Rachel said 3- Can we use CAT6 with analog camera ? if yes why in some cases we are using COAX ? Cat5 or 6 cabling is already prewired, use a balun or possible longer distances some info - http://tinyurl.com/num3spr 4- why to use the Video Tx and Rx for the analog cameras and why we connect them to fiber optic cable, is it because the long distances? Fiber definitely allows for longer distances and less noise interference more info - http://tinyurl.com/o82xhzp 5- Can we use the COAX for the long distance? how long is long to you? usually RG59 cable goes about 600-700ft and RG6 like 1000ft 6- when to use the RJ 45 connector? for what? analog cctv? refer back to question 3? or when to use IP cameras? better resolutions and options. 7- How they calculate the network bandwidth? which calculations and formulas they used?depending on what? typically for analog going to DVR's I don't think you need to worry about bandwidth to the DVR and the cameras will probably do anywhere from 100-800kbps. IP camera bandwidth to the recording server is dependent on the resolution of the camera, frame rate, compression (H.264, MJPEG, MPEG4), and image quality. Typically 1-5 megapixel type cameras could do anywhere from 500kbps to 12Mbps roughly of bandwidth each back to the recording server. 8- Is SFP in switches 1 GbPs or 10 Gbps? Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) is generally 1 Gigabit or there are some 100Mbps Fiber modules SFP+ is for 10 Gigabit. SFPs come in multimode fiber (MMF) or singlemode (SMF) so, you do need to know which type of cabling is being run or the distances you need to go. Using MMF you can go 500meters on 50 micron cabling or 220m if using 62.5 micron. Need to go farther look at SMF. 100mbps fiber generally goes 2km on multimode. SFP info link - http://tinyurl.com/yk9fznu 9- why we connecting the encoder to the industrial switch with CAT6 If you are talking about an IP based encoder with analog/coax ports on it then it's because it's an IP device. The analog signals will be converted to digital, travel across the network through the Ethernet switch and be recording to a server and viewed with software. An industrial switch is used if it's a temperature issue, outside issue, or something that needs more protection then just a regular indoor commercial switch. hope this helps
  6. Well I know this isn't the actual 4K/8MP but the 16MP showing a night time shot, same quality in the 4K for night time just a bigger field of view on the 16mp. Taken from 30stories up in a hotel room looking out double-pane glass using a sigma 24-70mm@70mm f/2.8 lens. Parking sign/entrance is 740' away according to google earth. also, not actual export from video just a print screen snapshot from the video and saved as a .jpg real quick to show an example. and here is the 16mp set close to 8.3mp mode 3840x2160 white van with $19.99 on it is 465ft away and scene is roughly 315ft wide and a short video showing the 16mp in 8.3mp mode with analytics done at 2mp resolution. Sigma 24to70 @24mm f/2.8 - 25mph speed limit sign roughly 375ft away, width of scene roughly 330ft based on google earth. Analytics done at 2mp resolution. beginning of scene lens was focusing.
  7. Actually, Avigilon's vms takes advantage of NVIDIA Graphic cards that have the PureVideo engine set. Using like a GTX 500 series with a VP4 engine could decode 6 720p streams at 30fps or 3 1080p streams before hitting the cpu.
  8. * Microphone loses ACC5 connection when ACC admin tool is stopped or restarted (Avigilon looking into this) What kind of microphone/mfg, how is it wired up, and connected to who/what camera? * Server CPU utilization. Mid-to-high end server but CPU and GPU utilization is 80-100% with ACC5 on 8x cameras (26x19 resolution), 4k monitor 8 cameras of what kinda? Hik? what megapixel kind? If Hik what is secondary stream resolution at? How much bandwidth are the cameras doing? What brand/model video card? As a side note; ACC5 isn't designed to take advantage of 4K monitors. * ACC5 HD storage utilization. Better to set max time storage (ie 60 days) or let ACC5 manage the disk quota and delete files? I'd just leave them at MAX recording time unless you need a camera or two to do exactly 60days * ACC Mobile. Camera microphone thru app? App seems a little "rough" compare to HK iVMS 4500 interface. No audio capabilities through mobile app. The app works and works very efficiently in streaming only the part of the scene you are requesting showing either live or recorded video. Using Enterprise software you can now do push notification 'Alarm' events to the mobile app which is nice. Pulling up Saved views is a nice feature as well on the app.
  9. Avigilon announces a 6k (24mp) and 7k (30mp) camera. Got a huge area to cover? http://avigilon.com/press-tools/press-releases/avigilon-showcases-security-industry-s-first-7k-camera-at-isc-west-2015/
  10. Specs haven't be released yet as well as pricing.
  11. you'd be surprised at how many casinos are still on analog or for that matter VHS tapes. I was in a casino a couple of years ago in the southeast that had a 15yr old camera system running off VHS tapes. I would still bet there a lot of casinos in vegas maybe not the huge ones but smaller ones are still on analog.
  12. ericq

    Build yourself or buy from Costco?

    Nice response Joe. It would also help to know is this for a home or small business as well as your budget
  13. ericq

    Super mini NVR storage issue

    It's preferred imo to use USB 3.0 or eSATA when doing small external drive setups and drives that are 7200rpm. Typical WD USB drives are 5400rpm which could cause issues for keeping up on read/writes of video but if you bought a box that only does USB 2.0 at slower speeds that could be an issue as well or maybe it's something with the OS or VMS you are using. sorry couldn't offer more.
  14. ericq

    What to buy...

    i'm curious when you say hard to reach spots is the reason for wifi cameras is this indoor spots or outdoor spots and who's wifi camera you using?
  15. kingwood you have the NTSC latest version for a 3200 series?
  16. I'm running gateway with an iphone 5S (ios 8.1.2) and ipad air and the latest ACC Mobile 2.0 everything is working fine. If you have 'Enable HTTP authentication' checked you might want to uncheck it as there was a problem with ios8
  17. Actually just PoS and LPR are extra licenses - Unlimited Audio channels are now included in Standard and Enterprise software. That part you listed was for the older 4.x version of ACC You can use the LPR license also with any camera but there are limitations to the LPR feature when it comes to how many states you want to look for and what states, speed of the cars, offset angle or overhead mounting, distance, etc..
  18. Just some added info here - Avigilon's LPR plug-in requires certain mounting heights based on distance as well as certain offset angles like no more then an offset of say 17ft with a 50ft distance to target. Also, the recommended processing requirements are no more then 4 LPR lanes per quad-core processor with cars traveling under 20mph or say 2 lanes with cars going 20-30mph and last but not least you will not be able to look for more then three states at a time. There is a whole design and install guide available for the solution. If you are looking for something to do all 50 states, processor efficient, mounted car lpr, Law enforcement database access, detailed alerting, snapshot image reading vs. optical plate font reading then i'd recommend you look at Platesmart.com. The software works really nice, doesn't have to have the perfect image, they use avigilon cameras with their software and it can integrate with avigilon using the point of sale license along with a 3rd party license from Gulfcoast software.
  19. are you trying to do an ip address range search for the axis cameras using the uname/password of root/root by default? or finding one camera at a time? Axis without a doubt works with avigilon. are these very old cameras or new cameras. firmwares old or new?
  20. Downloading the plug-in is free, but the license to use it along with the dongle that comes with that is not and it's not cheap. For one camera it might not be worth the price to you. Also, avigilon does not natively support messoa so, hope it's an onvif camera and motion detection then may or may not work. Also, depending on the car speeds the processing power needed in your pc might need to be increased.
  21. Big question using a 1TB drive would be how many days of storage are you trying to get with 7 3MP cameras? I'd go 10fps for better quality or 20fps and limit the bandwidth on the camera to say 3-5Mbps. example - i'd guess that if the cameras were to produce say 3.5Mbps of bandwidth at 20fps and you are recording say 10hrs a day on motion you'll probably get maybe 6-7 days of recorded video. If they are running at a higher bandwidth well you'll eat up that 1TB drive pretty quickly. If you were hoping to get 30days of storage I don't see it happening. You can always run whatever frame rate you want, it's when you put a limit on the bandwidth that it's producing the quality of the video will get compressed and reduced some. Sometimes it's hard to tell that difference based on the the camera and settings. Putting the variable bit rate (vbr) on the camera is done in the web interface of the camera usually.
  22. Not that i know anything about this qvis, dahua wall controller thing but what about running 3 PC's, 2 1gb graphics cards, 3 monitors each as well as each running an instance of their viewer software looking at different cameras but tie it all together by loading a free shareware software package called www.inputdirector.com Control multiple pc's from 1 pc/mouse/keyboard. I've used in a casinos, hospitals, and other locations, works great!
  23. What is the mounting height and distance you are trying to cover? Mounted 20' high x 250' distance at 70mm you'll have roughly an 84' fov width and 46ppf or at 200mm a 30' fov width and 130ppf. The System Design Tool can be downloaded here - http://files.avigilon.com/sdt/AvigilonSystemDesignTool- Click the update button and it'll update it to the latest which is v1.4.0.4
  24. ericq

    VMS Software, System Specs, Camera Specs

    Looks like the 7080 is supported ak. Not sure about the 7084 model, going to guess probably since it's in the same family. Freak - Most people will probably recommend, Avigilon, Milestone, Exacq or even BlueIris for your scenario. I would say, do some due diligence and try each one out as you'll be working with 35 cameras. Most companies offer a demo trial period for their software. If the vms manufacturer doesn't have a demo trial of their software then look on youtube for some tutorials or videos showing how the software works or I guess contact the manufacturer's sales rep. Also, at 35 3MP cameras i'd maybe give the cameras a variable bit rate (vbr) cap of say not to exceed 7.5-8Mbps of bandwidth to start as to not to overload the server you have. It's also strange that it's a 3MP Camera but you are using it in 2MP Resolution mode. Avigilon's 30day demo trial software can be found here - (op for Standard version at end of install) http://avigilon.com/support-and-downloads/for-software/software-updates-and-downloads/ Exacq's 30day trial link https://exacq.com/tryexacqvision/ Milestones 30day trial link http://www.milestonesys.com/our-products/xprotect-software-suite/xprotect-express/