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  1. chesterfield, To answer a few questions - Yes licenses can transfer or be used by other people and even can be deactivated from one server to be loaded on a different server in case of a crash or migrating, they are also sold in 1,4,8,16,24,48 channel packs and you can mix and match, just not split a single channel key. However when dealing with the 8/16/24 port appliances/nvrs those licenses that come with them are tied to that unit and can not be transferred to another server and since you have standard running you'd have to upgrade all 8 core licenses to standard to match your current environment so that you could login to both at the same time. I also believe moving to the hik nvr won't be the best as ACC provides better security and much faster searching and user experience imo. If you're buying avigilon cameras for your expansion you could probably go back and ask the integrator to maybe discount the quote to cover the cost of your ACC 5 to ACC 6 licenses as they are $20 msrp usd each. Otherwise if you go hikvision cameras and just upgrade licenses and buy more they won't be inclined to discount. Of course the integrator would have to get the discount approved from the avigilon sales person. Every 2-3 years a major release will come out and hopefully they'll still grandfather people in after a certain purchase date as acc 7 i would think would be coming out this year.
  2. Hi nDalk, You can definitely view all three of your sites using ACC Standard software but to record cameras to the central site is not advised as the bandwidth could be quite heavy with no quality of service through the internet.. Best is to record locally and use the power of ACC client to view your sites. If you haven't received a price yet let me know which city/state you are in and i can find a partner for you.
  3. Jim, Have you tried adjusting the motion detection settings in the web interface of the axis camera, can't remember the option but something like object size parameter or sensitivity? In my experience with Axis and ACC, i usually max out settings in acc for sensitivity and lower threshold and then if need be adjust as well in the web interface. I'd also, highly recommend getting the avigilon local sales engineer involved to come onsite and assist as well to help escalate the issue with support. PM me if you need assistance in getting in touch with the right engineer.
  4. Currently UMD is for making the process of reviewing video much more efficient and not alarming on an unusual event. The H4A analytic cameras will support either object detection or UMD but, not both at the same time. The analytics definitely work and would be used for perimeter detection and alarming for sure but, if you aren't going to program the analytics and be proactive about it then UMD could be turned on and the camera will learn it's scene over the course of 1-2 weeks then when reviewing video instead of looking at lots of different motion events on the timeline you can filter the timeline to show just unusual events based on direction,speed,location. there's a youtube video on umd.
  5. Or if you bought your ACC5 licenses after July 2016 you can upgrade to 6.4 at no charge
  6. ericq

    Need ability to monitor my gate

    I'm assuming you have a computer where the monitor is? Instead of the home depot VGA low res camera i think you'd be much happier with a low cost 3 or 4megapixel camera and a regular wireless setup. You can get a Hikvision or LTS 4MP IP Camera from a dealer or even amazon for about $140 then get a Ubiquiti NSM5 Wireless radio along with the Loco M5 which you can buy all together from a dealer or amazon for $165 roughly and you're done. The NSM5 has a secondary ethernet port to power the camera up and now you have a day/night 4 megapixel camera looking at your gate. It will require a computer with monitor though in the house. There is even free software from the camera mfg. you could download and load on the computer to live view your camera or just use the camera's web interface.
  7. ericq

    Avigilon camera server.

    You could run the 5 cameras off of a Windows 64bit OS, sandy bridge/haswell/skylake i3 or i5 processor just fine with some 7200rpm sata drives (prefer the enterprise class) and 8gb of ram. Then just buy the licenses separately and the poe switch. However you are now supporting the server vs. buying an 8port appliance from them and getting the 3year warranty and phone support that would be included.
  8. ericq

    Avigilon IP camera

    That's the old 4.x version ssmith. Here is the newer one. ftp://ftp.avigilon.com/CCT/AvigilonCameraConfigurationTool- both would work though.
  9. Actually ssmith, the nvr2's (r520) support 256Mbps incoming and outgoing to service the clients. Using an R530 you'll be just fine if you stick to the above. If you want to put acc and the os on a ssd drive that is fine as well and then just have 7200rpm or higher speed drives for the video storage. Are you going to be using their cameras as well? if not which cameras and what type of viewing station specs will you be using?
  10. Hi Chester, while you could run ACC on an offsite location and connect the cameras to it over a recommended vpn connection, the upstream bandwidth from your local site to the remote would probably need to be pretty fast depending on the amount of cameras you had and would require more licenses at the other location. There is also no way to say i want to record locally at full resolution and low resolution at remote site. If you were running the Standard or Enterprise version of the the software you could schedule a backup to be performed of the video every night and store it at a mapped drive letter which would be an offsite location. This essentially does an export of the video which you would later open up with the player software. Also with Standard or Enterprise in the 5.10 software you could send a 10sec video clip or image to an email based on a motion/analytic event using the central station email setup.
  11. But H4 SL has no analytics.. The H3A and the H4A have the same analytic features and the H3A at it's price point right now is a great deal with it's lightcatcher/sensor. The H4A has new mechanical features, wifi setup assist, and control over the hdsm streams currently. The H3A also has idle scene mode support.
  12. Just curious. How many is a few 4k cameras, what is the bandwidth that each camera is producing and what are the specs of your PC ?
  13. ericq

    Camera System for House

    I'm sure you can search the site and find tons of references of people asking the same question. Quick info - If your budget is less then say $800 then just go to costco or sams and pick up a Lorex or Swann 8channel system that comes with 4 3MP cameras. If you don't have one of those nearby then whatever you get look for at least 1 or 2MP IP cameras that comes with a NVR. There are also 1 or 2MP TVI or CVI analog cameras systems that will come with a DVR, these are great value systems for a home as well. Hikvision/Swann/LTS value brands are good residential type cameras that will come in 1,2,3,4 MP quality then you can use their NVR or use your own computer to run a vms software like Blue Iris, Exacq, or avigilon. But here you'll generally need a budget of say $1200+
  14. I believe you might be thinking about this a little differently. I highly doubt that the camera would produce anywhere near 1gig of bandwidth let alone 100mb of bandwidth. It gives a 10/100/1000 ethernet connection to be more compatible with switches that cusotmers might have but, would not produce that much bandwidth. Typically a single stream would probably do around 5-15Mbps of data depending on the scene then if you are streaming to another client aka your vlc this would be another 5-15Mbps and i'm sure there is a max limit the camera can actually send out. To give you an idea on bandwith, avigilon's 30megapixel camera can produce up to 48Mbps with h.264 so, your 8MP 4K camera would be much less. Now why it's in mjpeg mode and not h.264 that should be the real question because mjpeg will use more bandwidth typically.
  15. There is also Herta Facial Recognition System which last time i checked on it was roughly $8-10k a channel. http://www.hertasecurity.com/en/products/biosurveillance-en or -- NEC's NeoFace - http://www.nec.com/en/global/solutions/safety/face_recognition/NeoFaceWatch.html
  16. You can purchase from any Avigilon dealer like the wireguys or ak357 and yes it does support Hiks IP Cameras along with motion detection.
  17. A free shareware program i use is Handbrake which is a great tool for converting .avi to .mp4 but if you just rename the source file which would be an .mp4 to name.avi it does work.. https://handbrake.fr/ otherwise there are paid programs out there you can find with googling 'convert .mp4 to .avi'
  18. Hi, Anyone familiar with this old encoder? specifically if it supports an RTSP stream and if so, how to pull the url for it? I've found two old data sheets for the product where once says it supports RTSP and the other doesn't say anything. I don't have one to test yet but hoping to get one. Thank you, Eric
  19. I could only speak to the aspect of pulling it up within Avigilon. Sorry. Gulfcoast Software sells an Avigilon Base PoS application that gets loaded on the avigilon server and supports up to four pos sources and then you buy a pos license for each source after that. Then you also purchase an avigilon pos license for each pos source as well. Configuration in the application creates virtual serial ports which avigilon will see and then you can capture all that data within ACC. The software does support the Gilbarco and 20+ other pos solutions. You do need to be running avigilon standard or enterprise software as well.
  20. Can't really help with regards to Gilbarco and your NVR but was curious if you actually don't mind the text overlaying your video in your previous post example of it running. Seems to be that would get in the way of an video evidence needed. Also, if you continue to have any issues with pos capturing or can't get the Gilbarco to work you might want to check out www.gulfcoastsoftware.com who i knows can capture your two pos systems with their solution and they have an integration application to avigilon if you wanted an easier to use head end.
  21. ericq

    Suggestions on Security system

    I know he says he doesn't care how much it costs but, you might want to get a budget idea in mind and more importantly his expectations on the quality of video. I'm sure you can google like a 32 channel HD-TVI or CVI 1080p system and probably find some for $5k-$8k or you could look for an actual solid vms/server/camera solution for $15k+. If he wants good quality, warranty, support, easy to use, expandable, multiple sites, etc.. my recommendation would be an actual vms solution and not the cheapest dvr 2mp/1080p solution there is. But, again find out how much he actually really wants to spend as it'll help point you in the right direction.
  22. Agree with ak, but if these are are office type cams and you have a secure wireless infrastructure with a wireless vlan for the cameras to keep traffic/bandwidth separated from normal office wireless communications you could use the axis m1000 series. avigilon supports most axis cameras and list the older m1011 and m1031 on the supported list so, I'd imagine the new models would work as well. If this is for outdoor wireless -- definitely don't go with wireless cameras and use a dedicated wireless access point/bridge plugged into an IP camera.
  23. You'll be fine with those specs. Figure an i7 processor could easily handle 200Mbps of incoming camera bandwidth and then probably another 100Mbps of outgoing bandwidth servicing the monitoring stations. 200 / 16 cameras = 12.5Mbps, and bandwidth per camera which if you are using the typical Hik 3mp they'll use around 3-7Mbps roughly each. So, i think you would be fine recording to the servers. Use a solid quad-core xeon and you could probably record all on one server. Also as ak357 suggested i'd look at a VMS like avigilon, blue iris, exacq, etc... some of 30day demo trials, compare it against your ivms4200.