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  1. Django01

    Colorvu, darkfighter , darkfighterx

    Thanks 51cent...I already saw this video. Unfortunately it does not explain the differences/common things beween darkfigher cameras and colorvu cameras.
  2. With regard to Hikvision cameras, can someone shed some light on the differences between colorvu, darkfighter and darkfighterx. As far as I know, darkfighterx is an evolution of darkfighter ...but colorvu ? Is colorvu the same as darkfighter ? Thanks in advance.
  3. On that site , yes. Unfortunately they have that guy over there chasing people away .
  4. Woehaa..."go buy crap, you deserve it"....that's the typical child-like language of the Fenderman prick. He threw me of the forum several times because he couldn't stand any comment on Blueiris. Oh yes, I'm still on the forum...luckely VPN's exist , so he doesn't know. Sometimes he throws me off the forum again...and again I'm back :) Think i need to post a compilation of all the mails i got from him...so people get to know him better.
  5. Django01

    High bandwith really needed?

    Thanks for your reply. The cameras I want to use are the Hikvision ds-2cd2032-i (3Mp cameras). Herman
  6. Hi, I'm new to ip-cameras...and have a basic question. I want to put about 5 cameras around my house. I don't want these cameras to record constantly...only when motion is detected. Well, if someone walks to the back of my house, I assume that not all cameras will record at the same time because they will be triggered one by one. So finally, I think that the maximum number of cameras that will be recording are ...let's say 2. Recording will be done on my computer (blue iris) on a local disk. The recordings will be backed up as soon as possible to the cloud. I'm reading here on the forum about people having issues with recording at the full frame rate. Will this be a problem in my setup? PS: I'm planning on installing a gigabit switch, but still have a 10/100 router, which i think is not sufficient. Thanks, Herman
  7. Django01

    Need advise -camera system

    Yes, you are correct. Specifications say :" Power Consumption: Max. 5 W (Max. 7 W with IR cut filter on) " . If the power budget is 64W, wouldn't it then be good for 9 camera's ( 64/7) ? Thx, Herman
  8. Django01

    Need advise -camera system

    Hi, Thank you all for your advice I'll definitely go for a POE-switch. Greeting from Belgium, Herman
  9. Django01

    Need advise -camera system

  10. Django01

    Need advise -camera system

    Hi, Despite the fact that I'm all new to camera systems, I want to install about 5 cameras at my house. I've bought 5 POE Hikvision cameras and want to use my pc as the server (blue iris as software). There is still one problem I cannot solve. How do I power the POE cameras? Do I use a switch or do I use POE injectors? I added a schema on how I want to install the cameras. Does it look ok? Thanks in advance for your help ! Herman