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  1. Let me save you tons of search. BlackVue DR500GW-HD too expensive and IQ sucks at night. I owned it for a year. BlackVue DR600GW-HD is better at night but still too expensive because for 3x less you can get Mini. Personally, I would recommend Mini 0806, best bang for your buck. No WiFi, but IQ is better then BlackVue DR600GW-HD. Mini 0805 is also good choice, but lacks some features that Mini 0806 has. Good luck.
  2. Digital Noise reduction doesn't seem to work with 5.1.2. Can anyone else confirm?
  3. Perhaps it's disabled with Chinese language only 5.1.2, but with hack 4200 works fine.
  4. Just applied the fix. Thanks for the steps! I was wondering if there is a way to make this permanent change. I take it when they release 5.1.3 we'll have to follow the same process?
  5. What about support for iVMS-4200? It looks like from the notes it was disabled with 5.1.2 firmware.