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  1. we according to downgrade for sell this camera。 Thanks for your buellwinkle,works fine.
  2. Do you happen to know if the same limitation will be made in the 2CD2332 version of the cameras sourced from Aliexpress sellers? I understand that the 2CD2332 and 2CD2312 is made for the foreign market and is in full English so that this new firmware update will not affect those cameras? I guess all chinese version will be affect,have a new soon. And we Have prepared many goods already.
  3. I have a one way to circumvent this limitation,but still have to test again.
  4. As msecure said "Hikvision already start add special protocal in their firmware to protect their foreign market" So most of seller DOWNGRADE firmware to sell.(from "v5.1.2_140116" to "v5.1.0_131202" ) Maybe in next month,all camera can't be downgrade.