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  1. Actually avc760z replaced 760... 760zas replaced 760zz... kpd672 replaced 760zas shortly after... kpd674 then replaced 672 a not much after and now 674a replaces 674. All this is just over a year. This is what ticks me off about AVT.
  2. BurstElement

    Need EagleEyes(J2ME New version)

    Try here:-
  3. Here's a copy:- http://www.jaycar.com.au/downloads/MobileToDevice.zip
  4. BurstElement

    Simultaneous Multi-Channel Recording

    As mentioned above most standalone recorders are designed so as to inhibit editing and I would recommend you steer clear of them for this application. You are probably better off asking this sort of question in a forum dedicated more to recording / editing of video... e.g. http://forum.doom9.org/ Having said that, you "may" find that some of the PC based equipment (i.e. DVR cards) could be of use to you if coupled with appropriate (non security related) software.
  5. I don't know the law over there, however, over here the verbal agreement would be hard to prove and would not go far in a court of law. The bounced cheques would be your best bet here, a bounced cheque equates to fraud if they had no intention of paying. The other possible recourse would be go to court to gain permission to remove your property from the site, then once gained be sure to collect anything you brought to the site... bnc connectors, cable, power supplies etc.
  6. BurstElement

    IP video and IPv6 is growing

    It might be a good way to win a tender by offering a hybrid solution if everyone else is assuming they want full IP cameras. I haven't seen much in the way of IPV6 capable CCTV hardware around though... even PC based CCTV hardware support for IPV6 is quite limited.
  7. BurstElement

    Swann vs Q-See DVR System from Costco?

    You have to remember that these systems are designed for a particular price point / purpose... i.e. low cost DIY monitoring. Of course most of us here are used to installing and using cameras of far higher quality than these and consider them to be "rubbish"... you have to consider that if using a professional installer the labour cost would usually be similar to the price of the hardware... this alone makes it a poor economic choice for an installer or customer of an installer to want this grade of hardware. You really need to tell us what you are trying to capture and in what sort of lighting situation, however, from experience i think you might be better off with a different / custom system. If you are trying to protect against customer theft / harassment during business hours you probably don't want / need IR cameras. Dome cameras are typically 30-40% cheaper than an equivalent IR camera and will look neater if you only require business hours surveillance. I don't think most ice cream shops would require 8 cameras either... probably 4-6 cameras at most depending on the size of the shop.
  8. I was told this too but in the end I realised that this is what they called their new "DVR Viewer" software that is included with the Digigaurd series onwards... it does not allow you to view multiple machines on a single screen like one would expect, there are just a series of tabs down the bottom that you can use to select DVR1,2,3,4 etc. all shown one at a time. Also the "remote independant operation" they talk about is just a second channel on the built in video web server that allows you to control the call output of the ASIC, i.e. you can only view one channel at a time independant of the main monitor output
  9. BurstElement

    AVTECH AVT 761 DV Port?

    The D/V port is for AVTs VGA01 VGA adaptor... it is just a composite to VGA convertor, the ASIC in these machines does not provide an RGB output. Do not try to connect a monitor to this by using gender benders etc. as there is power running through two of the pins that is intended to power their proprietary composite to vga convertor... this would be what is causing the "heat" on your cable. I complained about their labelling of this connector many times, when they eventually changed it on their newer models they changed it to VGA!!! At this point I had no response but to throw my hands up in the air and bang my head against the table.
  10. BurstElement


    There would be a way to do it but AVT hold all those cards close to their chest... they have a self test interface built into the DVR that is activated by the rs232 interface that I tried to get them to give me info on for ages... after I argued that without this tool we could not effectively eliminate customer damaged returns and they chose to repair non-warranty machines FOC rather than letting me know their secret service mode details.
  11. BurstElement

    AVC767D "Get config Error"

    Yes its probably a firewall issue... turn off any personal firewalls you have including the built in windows firewall and try again... if it now works you know you will have to open more ports in your firewall.
  12. BurstElement

    8 channel dvr - $1000 or less ?

    You should be able to get a reasonable consumer grade dvr for that figure... try to find something that uses Techwell encoder IC's
  13. BurstElement


    haha the "M" is the mainboard... e.g. AVC787 mainboard is 787M. A DVR with a 760M mainboard is an AVC760. I think you will find what has happened is the firmware upgrade you have used was not compatible with the firmware revision you had. This is why the original firmware was missing the MCU.BIN and PLAYER.BIN PLAYER.BIN is the active X control for the web interface from memory. MCU.BIN I don't really know but it could be the boot loader or similar. The solution to these types of problems is to replace the mainboard... unfortunately AVT are selective about doing this and will usually not replace a board for the end user.
  14. From memory video server S is the MJPEG video server E is the MPEG2 and the new one which uses the "DVR Viewer" program is MPEG4.
  15. BurstElement

    CCTV professionals get in!

    Seagate SV35 all the way... much lower failure rate when used in standalone systems. The write strategy is optimised for cctv... they use the buffer to minimise writing to the disk which in turn reduces wear and tear on the disk. i.e. Normally the hdd in a dvr (assuming its only got one hdd) would be writing constantly and only using the buffer when unable to write to disk fast enough, with these drives they use more of the buffer and then write to the disk in bursts.