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  1. OK, update. I added a Poe injector PFT1200 but still it freezes the Nvr after the image comes thru. I'm at a loss... Any ideas ?
  2. Hi Tom, The camera was on 1080p and h264. Indeed I use the Poe from the nvr, could that be the problem ? Also if I buy a Dahua DH-PFT1200 poe injector , can I just hook it up between the poe nvr and camera ?
  3. Hello, I have a cctv system with a Dahua NVR5208-P and 5 dahua 3mp ip camera's about a month ago I added a Dahua PTZ SD22404T GN camera to the system. I had some problems trying to get the PTZ to connect to the NVR, after looking around I found out that I had to change the IP adres of the PTZ camera. After I did that it came up and worked great, until last week. I noticed that my system kept on rebooting, It would reboot all the fixed v=camera's came up a couple of seconds later the PTZ and then the system freezes, and after 1 or 2 minutes the NVr reboots. I disconnected the UTPS cable from my NVR and everything works great again, no more freeze ups and no more reboots, the moment I plug in the UTPS cable with the PTZ camera it freezes and reboots again. It is strange that everything worked good for a month and then this problem started. I did a reset and formatted the HDD again but the problem stays. What could be wrong here ???
  4. Thx for the advice, but I found the problem. I had to give the camera another ip adres for it to work 😶
  5. Hello all, I have a problem with a new camera i'm trying to install. I have a cctv system with a Dahua NVR5208-P and 5 dahua 3mp ip camera's . I have a new Dahua PTZ SD22404T GN camera that I want to add to the system, I took one of the old camera's of the wall and hooked the new ptz camera on the existing wiring but I can not get an image from it.... When I hookup the old camera I have an image but when I connect the ptz, nothing.... I reseted the camera with the button under the dome and did a restart of the nvr but still nothing... When I take of the dome from the camera there are some lights blinking on the board and on initial hookup the lens did a 360 degree rotation. Can somebody help me with this ? The previous camera's were just plug and play, I assumed this was the same ...
  6. Stef1

    Dahua NVR 5208P problems with HDD

    After formatting the HDD in the NVR itself, it's been working without a problem. Thanks for the info
  7. Stef1

    Dahua NVR 5208P problems with HDD

    Thank you for the info, I will check out the HDD's, and see if I can find a different power supply for it and format the disk inside the nvr. I'll get back with the results.
  8. Hello, Some time ago I installed a complete system with some camera's and a Dahua NVR 5208P to record everything. I installed a Constellation ES.2, 3 TB HDD. I set up the system and got it running perfect, now after a month or 3 - 4 I noticed that the nvr was giving a signal, I checked and noticed that it was not recording anymore. When I went to the HDD the system could not find any Hard disk ??? I reset the system and it saw the HDD again and recorder again, only to have the same problem a couple of day's later. I ordered another HDD thinking that it was malfunctioning and again it recorded ok for a while and then the same problem came back. I contacted the factory but since I bought the nvr not in my country they refuse to help me.... Is there anybody that can help me as the only solution I see now is buying a new nvr localy ( If it helps I can put a screenshot of the log on here Thanks
  9. OK just one more hurdle, what is the best kind of wire to use FTP or SFTP wire ?
  10. Hello, I am looking to install a small camera network around my home. I have 5 dahua 4300 Camera's and am going to get NVR5208-p to hook everything to. Now the furthest one of the camera's will be is about 45m. I've been looking on the forum on what the best cable is to use but can find a lot about 5e and 6, but now with 6a and 7. What would be the best cable be to get, I don't see much of a price difference so that's not a problem, I see that for the cat7 there are different connectors needed and they are still expensive/scarce so would the Cat 6a be my best bet ? Thanks for your help.
  11. Ok, thanks for the info. Would it work if I just hide the HDD disk in another place. If they find the nvr they still don't have the images ?
  12. Thanks for the info, now another question. I see that prices in the US or other countries are alsmost half of what local stores charge for lets say the NVR5208-p . Now if I buy ane of these in the US can it be used in Europe ? Except for the 110-220V problem will this work on European (PAL) digital tv's ?
  13. Hello, I've decided to get some camera's to place around my house, so I ordered some dahua IPC-HFW4300S camera's. I wanted a good image quality and these seemed to be HD and got some good reviews. I will start with 4 and maybe later ad 2 more. The idea is that I can place the nvr in the attic and then run a wire down to my tv so I can see the images on my digital tv. Now I have 0 experience with this and am looking for all the info on the net and forum to get the system i want. I was looking at different nvr's and saw these two, can you give me your advice if these would be good for what I want ?? Or are there better nvr's for what I want to do, I would to have at least 6 or 8 POE integrated in the nvr. Dahua Standalone NVR3208-8P or Dahua NVR5816 Thank's in advance, Stef