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    Extracting data off Hikvision DVR?

    Dear milkisbad, You are the man! That tool works a treat - no 4000 result limit! It's exporting now. The only downside & likely not a software limitation is that the export only happens at 2MB/s average. The export will take ages but at least it can sit there exporting the data instead of having to be attended to. PM me with your paypal and I'll deposit $15 in to it or nominate a charity or open source project and I'll donate. P.S. although it doesn't matter the model is a DS-7216HVI-SH. I'll try to remember LTS products for DVR solutions in the future. Unfortunately, DVRs don't come up often though (IT managed services provider). Regards, Morgan
  2. I think upload bandwidth and cost might be prohibitive to some installations & areas - especially if you have a lot of cameras - more so if they are high quality.
  3. Hi guys, First time posting & don't know a great deal about DVRs/CCTV sorry. I'm an IT technician and one of our clients needs to get all footage of their 'HikVision' DVR for submission in an insurance claim. The model starts with DS-7216 (I don't have the rest of it at the moment sorry). The client ran into trouble with it because you can only export 4000 'shots' at a time to an external USB drive. It'd take about a day to sit there and export them all so they gave it to us hoping for a faster way. This is a DVR with network access and I was wondering if it's possible to export video/pictures remotely and if so, export more than 4000. Apparently it's possible with the iVMS software but the documentation isn't great - i'm also worried I'll run into the 4000 max selection limit. The 'Hik Vision' DVRs are apparently linux embedded OSes but the file systems aren't any of the common linux file systems. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge in this area? If we can get a sample file or information on the file structure we can extract the data that way. I'm thinking there are two ways at the moment: 1) Use the SDK/API to download the images (some one else has overcome the 4000 export limit using the SDK/API but the script doesn't do what I want) or 2) Sit there and export them all. Any one know of any software or methods to do this? tl;dr version: How to export all data off HikVision DVR in format readable by Windows OS or other common OS. Kind regards, Morgan