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  1. I think the reason the cameras were sometimes staying English is because I didn't clear the buffer out of the browser. Also discovered that there are 3 ways to update the firmware on the camera. 1. On the cameras web page, Configuration, Maintenance, Firmware upgrade. This method is easiest, if you have the correct language of firmware. 2. Use Telnet to copy the file from the NAS /Web to cameras /dav directory. # /bin/ftpput -u NASUserName -p NASPassword /Web/davinci.tar.gz /dav/davinci.tar.gz 3. Use the TFTP recovery method. The last 2 methods don't need the correct language firmware file... so you can switch to English firmware.
  2. I agree with drawz, we need a developers wiki for all the good information that programmers are discovering about these cameras. So I started one: https://wikidevi.com/wiki/Hikvision I will be adding more info as I find it, but please join in and contribute!
  3. One of the 3 cameras decided to have Chinese menus after a power reset. I gave it several soft reboots (from the System Maintenance menu) and it stayed English, but now I can't get it back to English. The other 2 cameras are still English after several reboots and power reset too. Weird! Even with the Chinese menus, it still doesn't get the NAS status right.
  4. I found firmware V5.1.2. http://wrightwoodsurveillance.com/forum/thread-73.html The forum warns you it will be in Chinese, the file you download is named Chinese 5.1.2.zip but when I installed it over V5.1.0, it is English for me. However, I still get my NAS status as "Offline" on these new DS-2CD2032-I cameras.
  5. Where can I get firmware V5.1.2 or newer? I need the Chinese version to avoid the 'Language version mismatch'... or the details on what 3 bytes to change in the header to make a European version become a Chinese version. I bought some Chinese Hikvision cameras (DS-2CD2032-I) and they are saying my NAS has a status of "Offline". My current cameras (Chinese Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW) are able to see the NAS, and they say the status is "Normal". The new DS-2CD2032-I cameras are on firmware V5.1.0 build 131202, which should be recent enough to get the NAS NFS fix. I checked the davinci file, and it already has the hex fix (x'5001DCC09DE54900001A0B005CE14700001A' becomes x'5001DCC09DE5000000000B005CE100000000'). The old DS-2CD2432F-IW cameras are on firmware V5.1.2 build 140116, which works with my Asustor AS-604T NAS. I did apply the hex fix to the version to get this to work, as well as switch it to English. Any help would be welcomed!
  6. Thank you Buellwinkle, it in nice to see the menu screens in English, and not have to wait for google translator to try to fix the chinese menu screens. After I got the menues in English, I modified the davinci file for the NFS workaround mentioned above by dvb. That fix allowed me to get to 'Normal' state with my Asustor AS-604T NAS and both Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW cameras. It is recording mp4 files now on the NAS!