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  1. lethanhtrung

    IP adress changed by something or someone

    yes, dahua and avtech dvr have had this problem since 24/03/2017 so, all you pro, do you know how to avoid this, it's very annoyed
  2. please tell me how to solve the problem
  3. i have 2 dahua ipcs with the same mac address so they cannot work together in LAN , please help me
  4. some people on this forum say that because of the security, dahua do this to make it's customers to change the default password , but i found that even change the device's default password to something, the problem would happen again !
  5. lethanhtrung

    lager hdd not stabilze ???

    Seagate over 3TB is not good for surveillance, the only ones that will work properly are the WD purple drives, like Securame says. please tell me the reason why seagate over 3TB is not good for surveillance, it is what i need to know
  6. let do it, delete account name "system", don't be worry, the only effection is that "no right" notice is no more exist and you can use your DVR as normal ) of course i had this issue before so that now i know how to solve the problem
  7. lethanhtrung

    lager hdd not stabilze ???

    we use Seagate HDD with DVRs (Dahua, iCatch, XiongMai...) and it seems that only dahua has less problem, other ones often can not recognize large HDD (>3TB) after a period time of using (about 2,3 months)
  8. hi everyone, i have an issue with HDD for DVR, please help me when i use 2TB HDD for the DVR, it's ok but using larger HDD (3TB, 4TB...), it's not stabilze, after days the DVR could not recognize the HDD, i tested DVRs and many of them have this problem, i don't know what is the reason, when reading the HDD specs (seagate), the 4TB HDD power requirements even lower than the 2TB, so please help me to find out the reason, thank you verymuch
  9. go to account management and delete the account name "system", the problem will be solved . With firmware 3.2.... you could do it through network, with older version (2.6...) must do directly on dvr
  10. lethanhtrung

    free onvif app for iOS ???

    have you tried scanning the camera with ipcamview to find a compatible model so you can control ptz? Try tinycam... what cameras do you have? tinycam is ok on android, but on ios it only supports 1 camera and many functions are limited i can connect my onvif camera with ipcamviewer by onvif port but can not control PTZ, i don't know my camera's manufacturer, it's a chinese babymonitor-camera
  11. lethanhtrung

    free onvif app for iOS ???

    please give me some suggestions
  12. lethanhtrung

    free onvif app for iOS ???

    IP Cam Viewer Lite can not control PTZ onvif camera, it says "PTZ Failed" @@
  13. lethanhtrung

    free onvif app for iOS ???

    please help me
  14. hi everyone i find some onvif apps for Android and they work well, but i can't find any good onvif app for iOS, please help me
  15. lethanhtrung

    DVR error, need help :(

    yes, after swapping cameras, the error stay at the same channels, please help me