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  1. Hello all, OK so here is the problem i am having. My company works in the hospitality industry, installing phone systems, high speed internet, CCTV, and audio systems for hotels. So we started the CCTV thing about 3 years ago, and as you all know every install is different. Well the ongoing problem is that the electricians are pulling cat wire in, and we are having to use that for the time being. I would like to use RG59 Siamese cable because it is very rare for it to pick up any interference. Anyway we get the cams up and come to find out they pulled it in next to a fire panel, or across some 220 live wire ext. The end result is horrible scrolling, color distortion, ghosting, and graininess. As of now we are under the gun for this job. Is there some kind of filter or anything i can do to fix this problem ASAP? All the cable runs are stapled to the framework behind the drywall and moving anything isn't an option for this property. Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, I am totally stumped. Thank you all in advance and all help is appreciated.