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  1. mzrplumb

    new system

    1. no budget really 2. yes i will install myself 3. yes im ok with networking also i have just purchased a alien hero 4 ch dvr so all i need is cameras and cables ?
  2. mzrplumb

    new system

    hi all im new here and have no idea what to buy in regards to home CCTV systems, i dont want ti buy a kit as i dont this they would be of benefit, the system is for my house to watch over my house and van while im away at night and parts of the day the first camera i want to watch the drive and the van, the van is in the road approx 24m away with a lamp post light approx 30m away on the other side of the road the other cameras will be at the rear which is not too important and down an ally. can you guys recommend a decent camera and dvr for me to use in this situation i think a 4 channel dvr would be sufficient as i think i will only get 3 cameras anyway, ive had a good look round on some website but theres so many to choose from i thought id best ask the guys in the know lol all input would be great thank you all
  3. mzrplumb


    just a quick hello from me regards mike