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  1. Hi All. Hope this the the appropriate place to post. Long time lurker first time poster. I was hoping my security worries would not rear their ugly heads but they did. my motocycle was stolen out of sight of my equipment but i was fortunate enough to have 2 neighborcam who caught it on video ~ 2am the video is decent resolution (assuming low grade outdoor HD camera) . Question- how can detect exact resolution/framerate of exisiting footage? Im using regular video players (windows media,VLC,imovie ) but stopping it frame by frame results in the images beeing too blurry to make out the license plate of a motorcycle. Basically 2 guys on a bike ..one towed the other on my bike . SCREENSHOT- Imgur http://i.imgur.com/JYQdqPE.jpg I have several sources of vid but i think the problem is getting clear image frame by frame. Question - Does anyone know what software i could use to manipulate the mp4 file frame by frame..maybe something that allows enhancing (like a photoshop for video ? ) some ninja 007 software would be swell right about now but maybe my imagination of such software is getting the better of me. i tried manipulating the raw video with imovie but surely that is the wrong tool for this job Would love it is someone with any previous experience could help me. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Thanks @maxicon and @latropa no matter what i tried i think the starting resolution is just not good enough to stop a frame clearly. The best angle frame i got was this messed with Photoshop to try to decipher the plate but nothing really worked. The agony of defeat moving forward, is there any good recommendation for this type of face/license plate recognition? Hindsight is 20/20 so What type of setup should i have had to be able to catch the important parts (face recognition/targeting and vehicle license plate) of surveillance video?