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  1. Hey everyone! I had asked a while ago, but I was just wondering if anyone had some new leads! I would like to compile a list of everyone in the USA that sells OEM Hikvision. Looking for customized model #s, possibly importers! Has to be more than just one importer! Thanks : )
  2. FYI: The Europe 5.1.6 caused motion detection recording on the 3MP Fixed domes to not record correctly, often giving a "HDD Full" error. USA 5.1.6 firmware has fixed this issue for me
  3. You can mount to wall. Hikvision Firmware 5.1 and greater allows for "Rotate" It will allow you to see down the hallway, but it is a hallways shot - so you lose horizontal and gain more vertical FOV (Field of View)
  4. L4HikOEM

    Who makes who in the world of IP cameras?

    Hikvision also makes: Honeywell GE (Interlogix) Toshiba I am sure there are lots more, but this is hard information to get.
  5. Nope, the OEM has serial #s on the cameras. They use different stickers, etc. Actually Hikvision is works well with OEM, they send thier own CDS, own labels on the cameras, and the Boxes for OEM are all generic (brown) and they just stick there own custom OEM labels on it with OEM model# instead of the hikvision model #
  6. The reason OEM vendors say "NO" to firmware pushes from Hikvision is because it might change the model # (Such as one OEM I know happens), and it will brand the camera interface definite. And when I say brand the camera, it puts hikvision logos on the camera interfaces, etc. Something your OEM doesn't want you to know in the first place.
  7. Hikvision is the best. Dahua is everywhere and their software is garbage. Any other big retail brands are very expensive, but acti, geovision and vivotek are alternatives.
  8. With Hikvision you do not have to use the POE built into the NVR, you can also plug a switch right into the NVR and plug all your camera's into it. Now for actually needing the POE built-in to an NVR or not, it depends on the situation. If you have a limited back bone already using Point of Sales and IP phone, you probably don't want 8x 3MP camera's eating up 8 Mbps for the best quality. That could easy shut down your network with bottle necking, etc. The built in PoE is nice for these situations, otherwise buy a PoE switch and import them into the NVR. If NVR doesn't let you import them you need to not buy it or return it lol.
  9. It will be very interesting. But since Hikvision makes Honeywell and GE camera's anyways, it seems pointless to pay more for a name brand. I find it very hard to believe LTS is the only supplier, so there are no other ones? The ones I listed are all east coast, I would assume there would be some on the west coast also.
  10. Yes Hikvision is basically erasing all OEM in general to make it one generic OEM firmware. So instead of having several different OEM firmwares they will only have one. This Firmware will also have the ability to change model numbers as needed. In theory this is awesome, cause now instead of having 5.0 firmware on IPC and waiting for you vendor to get updated to 5.1, everyone will have 5.1 at the same time on OEM channel. It will make OEM support much greater. As for VMS that is interesting, with all the OEM firmware being 2.2 ONVIF it would be as compatible with other vendor VMS as hikvision branded IPC would be. So if anyone would like to list some possible OEM providers, or inbox me some leads I would greatly appreciate it.
  11. Hello, I have been searching for a new supplier of Hikvision OEM. I am aware of LTS Securities, and Winic, but I am sure there are more out there who offer Hikvision OEM. If you could all be so kind enough to list Importers who pull Hikvision in as a "private" label so I can search for a new Hikvision OEM supplier Our current supplier is switching over to Dahua, and I would like to stay with Hikvision OEM. The reason for OEM is so end user's can't Google the model# and instantly have ebay/google ruin a sale. I need ability of Blind Drop Shipping, with non-labeled box and non-labeled cameras. Any help will be greatly appreciated, and thank you for your time!